Futurex Excrypt UI

A Universal Interface for All Major Host Application Software Solutions

  • Compatible with host application software products sold globally
  • Allows for replacement of existing Hardware Security Modules through API integration
  • Enables Futurex products to interface directly with any host application software

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Our innovatively designed Excrypt Universal Interface (UI) provides cost-effective flexibility to meet your growing business needs. The Excrypt UI is an interface for host transaction processing software used in the financial transaction industry for ATM and POS networks.

Our Excrypt UI software is included in all our Excrypt Hardware Security Modules and is fully supported by our Xceptional Support Team.

Universal Compatibility

The innovative design of the Futurex Excrypt UI enables our suite of Excrypt Hardware Security Modules to interface with any host transaction processing software application, whether vendor-supplied or developed in-house.

The Excrypt UI is able to interpret many different command syntaxes used by host transaction processing software applications for performing essentially the same cryptographic function. It efficiently translates these differing command sets for the Excrypt UI cryptographic engine, and after the command has been processed, it formats the reply back to the host transaction processing software using the incoming command syntax.

For organizations wishing to replace their existing HSM infrastructure with Futurex technology, our engineering team has years of experience in the payments industry and is well-versed in assisting our customers in any integration work that is needed to implement Futurex devices into their existing environments.

Futurex's implementation of command set emulation of other Hardware Security Module vendors is a customer-driven initiative and is modified to fit customer desires. We understand that organizations around the world use their existing hosts, devices, and related APIs in very different ways, and our innovative engineering has allowed us to accommodate that.

Ease of Use

Our Excrypt UI allows for replacement of existing Hardware Security Modules using tested integration methods, thereby helping lower your associated costs by reducing the complexity and the resources necessary to integrate and support Futurex technology. It also allows you to easily configure and administer our Hardware Security Modules.

The Excrypt UI’s innovative GUI can run on a PC or can be accessed via a secure web browser, which is helpful when changing configuration settings and viewing recent transaction logs from a remote location.

The following are unique features that are exclusively available with the Futurex Excrypt UI:

Universal Compatibility
  • Compatible with all the major host application software products sold around the world.
  • Supports all common domestic and international message formats for PIN Translation/Verification, Key Management and EMV
  • Interfaces directly with any host transaction processing software application — either vendor supplied or developed in-house
Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Helps reduce the resources needed to integrate and support Futurex technology
  • Reduces overall solutions complexity and lowers the cost of managing cryptographic devices
Ease of Use
  • Allows you to standardize all your cryptographic needs onto a single device
  • Minimal or no programming changes to the host application software
  • Allows for replacement of existing Hardware Security Modules through API integration
Superior Flexibility
  • Provides support for flexibility in handling new business requirements
  • Easily adaptable to the application provider
  • Enables Futurex products to interface directly any host application software
Enables Standardization
  • Consolidates existing Hardware Security Modules
  • Eases the integration process for acquisitions
  • Helps simplify and streamline your overall environment

Excrypt UI

The Excrypt UI supports many of the following encryption functions required in the industry:

  • PIN and offset for debit processing
  • Data encryption (card numbers)
  • CVV, CVC, CSC for credit processing
  • EMV for smart card processing
  • RSA / PKI for remote key
  • MAC for message authentication
  • Key management
  • Master/session for banking, retail and internet e-commerce
  • DUKPT (DES, 3DES) for retail
  • CVC3 and dynamic CVC for contactless payments
  • PIN and offset generation for card production