Futurex Manufacturer-Class Solutions

Proven encryption technology for use in high-volume, high-availability environments

  • Customizable functionality for cross-industry applications
  • Seamless integration of Futurex's enterprise-level data encryption technology into the manufacturing process
  • Automated processes help reduce manufacturing and field service costs while providing a high level of redundancy

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Nautilus Hyosung Case Study

Result-Oriented Engineering Culture

Our custom development solutions allow organizations of any size to implement features, functionality, and projects that fit their unique needs.

  • Cost-effective development
  • Over 30 years of experience developing custom, cross-platform solutions
  • Proven technology with rapid delivery to market
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Manufacturer-Class Certificate Authority Server

Leverage Futurex's proven, hardware-based Certificate Authority technology to add additional security to your software development, device manufacturing, or data processing infrastructure.

  • Secure, robust certificate creation and storage
  • Sign code, patches & updates, and individual devices
  • Track and export certificate revocations through built-in Certificate Revocation List
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Manufacturer-Class Device Activation Server

A complete solution for the activation, management, and feature enabling of remote, manufacturer-specific devices.

  • Securely activate features and abilities within individual devices
  • Significantly reduce field service and manufacturing costs
  • Seamless integration with the Futurex RKMS Series
  • Control the security of resale and aftermarket distribution of devices

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SAS9000 Secure Attached Storage

Hardware-secured storage and access with full Enterprise Security Platform integration

  • Incorporate high volume data storage into existing core cryptographic infrastructure
  • Store databases of sensitive user data such as device serial numbers, medical records, or system access logs
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability for Big Data environments

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