​5 Things to Secure in the Internet of Things

by Futurex on November 19th, 2015

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data are just a few of the most familiar ways devices connect with one another. Simple math informs us that the more these devices connect, the more voluminous the data that can be shared among them. We call the rapid proliferation of such devices, all able to connect between and amongst each other, the Internet of Things. New technologies are emerging daily in this expansive cloud of devices, leaving uncharted territory in terms of security. Futurex has selected five new or emerging technologies that raise questions about data security and protecting each device in this Internet of Things.

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The ESM1000: Providing Strong Encryption on an Individual Basis

by Futurex on October 30th, 2015

Imagine an environment in which every bank teller station, every fuel dispenser, every unattended payment terminal, or any other transaction location is outfitted with its own personal hardware device for encryption. Instead of requiring the data to be sent outside of the endpoint location for encryption or validation, all transaction functions could take place within a closed system.

Think it can’t be done? Think again. Futurex’s ESM1000 Endpoint Security Module has been designed for that very scenario. Built around Futurex’s proven cryptographic technology, the ESM1000 provides the speed, security, and functionality found in Futurex’s current line of security modules, all within an embeddable small form-factor device.

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Increasing the ROI of your HSM Infrastructure: One-Time Password Generation

by Futurex on October 19th, 2015

The password is a constant source of frustration for anyone who works with information. Bad passwords are easy to remember—good passwords are hard to remember and must frequently be changed to protect sensitive information. If a business has any kind of online presence, then it have an even stronger need for effective password protection. Plenty of information already exists on how to create a strong password, but security can be further improved by using the one-time use password, or throwaway password.

Hardware security modules like the Futurex Excrypt SSP9000 provide a secure and convenient way to generate one-time passwords. The random number generation used for the passwords takes place inside the secure cryptographic environment of the HSM, which means the passwords cannot be hacked or tampered with.

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Why Mobile Security Is a Necessity for All Businesses & How Futurex Can Help

by Futurex on September 16th, 2015

As technology continues to advance, mobile devices are increasingly able to accomplish the same tasks as traditional laptop and desktop computers. Customers of all vendor types expect to have the ability to do everything from their mobile devices, including payments. However, now that many consumers buy products and pay for services from their phones as well as download mobile applications, businesses have become more vulnerable to security breaches through these means. Furthermore, employees now use cellular devices distributed by their organizations to complete work tasks, which only increases the risk of a data breach for any company. Because of this mobile progression, it is important for businesses to take securing this platform very seriously.

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