The Importance of Compliance and Standards Councils at Futurex

by Futurex on April 23rd, 2018

Futurex’s solutions are used by thousands of customers in numerous industries all over the world. One thing they all having in common is compliance requirements. They trust Futurex for not only providing secure solutions, but also compliant ones.

With this mind, Futurex’s own experts sit on many industry standards bodies and actively provide input that helps shape the information security standards of tomorrow. This involvement helps Futurex stay on top of current compliance requirements and... Read More

VirtuCrypt Displaying Cloud Payment Platform at TRANSACT 2018

by Futurex on April 2nd, 2018

The TRANSACT conference, hosted by the Electronic Transactions Association, is one of the world’s largest payments technology events. Each year, TRANSACT brings together the key players in payment technology—from developers to deployers—to discuss changes made from new technology and trends, as well as discuss the future of payment technology itself. TRANSACT 2018 is placing a large focus this year on the future of payments technology with keynote speeches ranging from ways to diversify and expand... Read More