Cloud Service Encryption: Eradicating the Risks of Shadow IT

by Futurex on April 3rd, 2017

As organizations’ employees identify tools outside of the organization’s official software and web tools, the risk of “shadow IT” (or IT that an organization’s IT department is not directly aware of) increases. Through VirtuCrypt’s Cloud Service Encryption (CSE) service, backed by Futurex hardware, organizations can introduce a system with the convenience of IT, but with enterprise-level security.

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Leveraging the Futurex PKCS #11 Library

by Futurex on March 23rd, 2017

One of the most salient features of Futurex technologies, and what most distinguishes us from competitors, is that we deploy turnkey solutions molded to integrate directly into existing environments with minimal change to existing applications and processes. The Futurex PKCS #11 library is just one tool in our kit to make that possible. 

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