Futurex-Signed Certificates

Eliminate the hassle of certificate management for your organization.

The Futurex-Signed Certificates service is offered for companies who must maintain a certificate authority in order to authenticate the communication between client devices and servers. Futurex-signed certificates are automatically preloaded during the manufacturing process, which provides the advantage of your Futurex devices being digitally certified by the manufacturer that built it. All Futurex-signed devices are signed in Futurex’s TR-39 and PCI PIN-certified secure facility. Through this service, companies can rest easy knowing that their device is compliant, effective, and secure.

These preloaded signatures also save customers valuable time, effort, and resources. By taking advantage of the Futurex-Signed Certificates service, organizations do not have to take on the financial burden, time, and effort required to digitally sign devices.

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