Cryptographic Architecture

Reliable, efficient, and scalable infrastructure

Prepare your security ecosystem for the future

Future-proof crypto infrastructure

Futurex devices share a common code base called the Base Architecture Model (BAM). The BAM allows interoperability and avoids the problems of fragmented security ecosystems. This shared code base enables our solutions to communicate, synchronize feature updates, and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

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Futurex products offer FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated security and are classified as secure cryptographic devices (SCD). Futurex technology secures data integrity at every endpoint. By not purchasing devices from multiple vendors, you can reduce the number of weak points in your infrastructure caused by third-party integration.


Upgrades to legacy and multi-vendor systems are more than just inconvenient–they can be completely unfeasible. The stability of the Futurex platform enables you to deploy new products across your entire infrastructure rapidly, efficiently, and without the need for compatibility testing to sustain security and interoperability with multiple vendors.

Total system control

The Futurex platform offers user-defined parameters for intelligent monitoring and alerting across the managed devices within your cryptographic infrastructure. Futurex technology offers powerful security with centralized management. This allows for a highly available, redundant, and alert system that keeps you aware of every aspect of your infrastructure.

Testing and development

You can conduct testing, development, and rapid prototyping within a secure code environment (SCE).

Reliable architecture

IT infrastructures need stability, and that’s exactly what the BAM provides.  Because we test any update to one product for quality assurance across the entire code base, as opposed to the individual device, the risks associated with feature updates disappear in favor of a reliable, future-proof system.

Easy configuration and use

You can easily configure and deploy our solutions, built on the Base Architectural Model, with a user-friendly GUI and a smooth installation experience. Save time on tasks like scheduling backups, cloning device profiles, and managing keys through our easy-to-use management portal.

Custom development ease

Futurex can develop and implement custom projects for your production environment. Our custom work is cost-effective and standards-compliant. To make each project successful, Futurex follows an implementation process that provides deliverables tailored to your business.

Base Architecture Model

A single-source solution for total cryptographic infrastructure protection and operation

Futurex devices share the Base Architectural Model as a common code base. When we update our products, the BAM applies updates to the entire platform. This eliminates system downtime and avoids the need to reconfigure other devices. Your business won’t have to deal with the hassle of restructuring your system because you need more processing power, storage, or functionality.

The industry’s most versatile data security platform

The Futurex compatibility solution

Our platform is a collection of Futurex data security solutions that work together to secure enterprises of any industry, size, or requirement. Unified by a common code base,  Futurex solutions are an alternative to fragmented or multi-vendor setups.

The platform is comprehensive. It offers everything an enterprise needs to secure its core cryptographic infrastructure.  From key management to data encryption to secure storage, the Futurex platform is your canvas on which to design an ideal solution.

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certificate authority crypto infrastructure base architecture

Futurex-signed certificates

The Futurex-signed certificates service is for companies who need a certificate authority to authenticate client devices and servers. Futurex-signed certificates are preloaded during manufacturing and are digitally signed in Futurex’s TR-39 and PCI PIN-certified secure facility. This offers the highest level of security possible.

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