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Securing your enterprise

Different organizations have different data security requirements. For over 40 years, Futurex has refined a robust data security platform that can fulfill nearly any data encryption need. Futurex enterprise data protection solutions include HSMs, key management servers, cryptographic management modules, and a powerful cloud HSM platform that can host a virtually unlimited number of these devices to secure sensitive data and mitigate data breaches. Futurex products include device-agnostic APIs for flexible integration with existing data security infrastructure.

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data security solutions

Enterprise data encryption solutions

Protecting data ensures the health of an organization. You need to encrypt data at rest and in transit to ensure it remains secure. Make sure to protect it with scalable data encryption solutions. The versatile architecture and powerful data encryption algorithms of the Futurex platform enable easy integration within a diverse range of industries. No matter the business sector or size, if you’re looking to protect sensitive data, you’ve come to the right place.

internet of things IOT security solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
Scalable key management solutions allow IoT manufacturers to protect connected devices from the production floor to the field.
financial services cybersecurity
Financial Services
Cloud payment HSMs enable financial organizations to increase security, enhance scalability, and reduce spending.
payment security
Powerful payment processing and flexible, cost-effective deployment options help retailers mitigate cyber risks while serving customers.
healthcare data security
Hardware-based encryption gives healthcare and insurance providers unrivalled logical and physical security to comply with HIPAA/HITECH.
government cybersecurity defense contractors
Government & Defense
Futurex provides USA-made cryptographic devices for government and defense industry clients to achieve a strong cybersecurity posture.
telecom 5G security
Telecom & 5G
Public key infrastructure and certificate authority services allow telecom providers to safeguard trust and comply with SHAKEN/STIR regulations.
education cybersecurity
Educational Institutions
Educational institutions gain access to the Futurex “one-stop shop” for hardware cryptography, deployable on-premises or in the cloud.
IoT in healthcare medical iot security
Medical IoT
For Medical IoT manufacturers, Futurex provides digital signing, key management, and data encryption solutions in the cloud or on-premises.
automotive cybersecurity
Futurex helps automakers protect passengers, secure operating data, expand revenue-generating services, and comply with regulations.
corporate security and data protection
Futurex helps corporate clients attain confidential communication, secure storage, and authentication of intellectual property.
utilities and smart grid cybersecurity
Utilities & Smart Grid
Futurex solutions are fast to deploy and simple to manage so that utilities providers can protect data from cyber threats and natural disasters.
casino cybersecurity
Casino Gaming
Maintain the integrity of gaming machines and the trust of casino patrons with robust Futurex cryptographic essentials for the gaming industry.

Compliant, flexible, and scalable

All Futurex data encryption solutions are FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified and signed within the Futurex TR-39 and PCI-PIN-certified secure facility.

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Technology solutions

Futurex designed our data encryption solutions around the data encryption needs of our customers.  Our encryption tools have the versatile functionality you need to protect data, prevent unauthorized access, and avoid data breaches. Learn more about the data security technology that goes into Futurex products and how it protects sensitive data in a compliant and scalable manner, both now and in the future.

Securing payments

Use scalable and adaptable devices with individual cryptographic functions in single and multi-vendor environments.
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financial key management
Financial Key Management
Handle symmetric and asymmetric encryption, securing private keys for your PKI and offline root CA for authentication.
securing payments with online and mobile PIN management
Online & Mobile PIN Management
Issue and validate PINs with secure, cryptographic modules and an established PKI for mobile and online operations.
securing payments with Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
Secure sensitive data endpoints compliantly with P2PE, making payment data unreadable from the point of capture.
Vaultless tokenization
Vaultless Tokenization
Protect valuable data with randomly generated, vaultless tokens to reduce risk and complexity.
securing payments through blockchain
Blockchain developers can use secure, scalable payment HSMs and key management servers across the cloud.
PCI DSS scope and cost reduction
PCI DSS Scope & Cost Reduction
Secure financial payments with certified SCDs and HSMs that are industry-compliant (PCI DSS, PCI HSM, and PCI PIN).
securing payments with ATM remote key loading
ATM Remote Key Loading
Automate regular ATM encrypted key rotation with key management servers and key injectors to secure cardholder data.
POS and mPOS remote key loading
POS & mPOS Remote Key Loading
Use RKL to send encryption keys to any type of device in any location from a secure central location.
host card emulation
Host Card Emulation
Use host card emulation to make mobile payments secured by financial HSMs efficient and inexpensive.

PKI and certificate authority

Digital signing and Public Key Infrastructure for issuing, EMV CA, IoT, and offline root certificate authorities.
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Issuing CA
Issuing CA
Protect an issuing CA by using hardware-based key management solutions with PKI functionality and third-party integration.
Use our turnkey solution and establish an EMV CA to issue compatible, secure smart cards and handle payments.
Certificate Management
Identify and trust entities through digital certificates managed by using secure key lifecycle management processes.
Offline root CA PKI
Offline Root CA
Take advantage of an all-in-one solution to guarantee the integrity of your PKI with a secure, offline root CA.
IoT Signing
Create a CA and PKI to secure your IoT devices from the floor or the field with digital certificates and signatures.
Use DNSSEC to authenticate domain names by using signatures and cryptographic keys generated in asymmetric pairs.
E-Invoice Signing
Apply digital signatures to electronic invoices to authenticate users with asymmetric public and private key pairs.
PKI & Certificate Authority code signing
Code Signing
Securely distribute code and establish trust between apps with on-premises and cloud HSMs and turnkey solutions.
Post-quantum cryptography PKI
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Schedule standard encryption key algorithm updates to quantum-proof alternatives with centralized key management.
Blockchain developers can use secure, scalable payment HSMs and key management servers across the cloud.
Automate certificate management through HSMs with your CRLs and OCSP in mind through custom configuration.

Data protection

Achieve compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or PCI DSS, deployed on-premises and in the cloud.
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Application Encryption
Encrypt files or data fields at the application level to reduce the risk of exposing sensitive information in the clear.
Database Encryption
Balance security and availability to protect data across all devices and networks with TDE and hardened data encryption.
File Encryption
Encrypt files at rest before public transfer and control the key so that even your cloud provider can't access them.
Vaultless tokenization
Vaultless Tokenization
Protect valuable data with randomly generated, vaultless tokens to reduce risk and complexity.
Data Privacy
Use powerful and scalable HSMs and key management servers to encrypt and protect data in transit and at rest.
Email Security
Achieve email security and establish PKI and certificate authority by using HSMs to authenticate end users.
Securing Secrets
Integrate with 3rd party applications to protect application secrets, passwords, and keys, securely authenticating users.
3rd Party Applications
Safely execute custom applications through key and certificate management, security automation, and cloud mobility.

Key management

Full key lifecycle management, application encryption, cloud key management, remote key distribution, and tokenization.
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Key Lifecycle Management
Manage the key lifecycle from a centralized platform to reduce downtime and save time and effort with automation.
financial key management
Financial Key Management
Handle symmetric and asymmetric encryption, securing private keys for your PKI and offline root CA for authentication.

Cloud data security

Encrypt, decrypt, transform, track data and keys at scale, and even integrate by using flexible APIs.
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cloud key management (BYOK & BYOE)
Cloud Key Management (BYOK & BYOE)
Use our powerful and easy-to-use data protection platform to employ BYO key and encryption services.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration
SaaS Integration
Unify data and improve connectivity by integrating SaaS solutions using flexible APIs that offer extra security layers.

In the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both: Futurex delivers tailored cryptographic solutions to fit your business needs.


Any cryptographic function. Any size. Any scale. Any location.

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