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You can create a support ticket on the Futurex Portal or by calling Futurex support. The easiest way to create and manage support cases is on the Futurex Portal.

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Manage, view, and edit your accounts with ease using the Futurex Portal and VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal.

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Explore the Futurex Portal to find all our documentation. Log in or create an account to get access to everything you need.

Product and solution literature

Find general information on our products and services in our sales brochures, whitepapers, and case studies.

Education and training

Futurex offers virtual one-on-one training courses with our Solutions Architects. We can also perform on-site training for your whole cryptographic services team.

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Current and future partners

Futurex commits to helping its partners meet and exceed the expectations of their global customers. Visit the Partners page or talk to a Solutions Architect to learn more.

Customer Support and Services

Contact product and solutions experts

Because the Futurex world-class support team is available 24x7x365, our Solutions Architects handle the difficult problems for you, providing you the resources and confidence needed to operate our devices and cloud services while remaining completely worry-free. Our trained Xceptional Support experts provide solutions to questions about regulatory requirements, implement complex system integrations, and offer best practices for all aspects of data security.

  • All support plans come with free firmware upgrades for both major and minor releases.
  • Deployment assistance is available for first-time customers with questions about installation processes and best practices.
  • Support time provided to covered organizations is unlimited.
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Partner support and services

Here for you at every step

For each of our partners, Futurex commits to doing whatever it takes to ensure you have the best experience and support possible for your customers. We believe that providing world-class support and service for our partners and customers is critical to being a leading provider of innovative data security solutions.

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hardware security module (hsm)

24/7/365 Xceptional Support

For each of our customers, Futurex Xceptional Support is a unique experience of personal interaction with our Solutions Architects. Whatever your questions or issues, we go above and beyond to provide you with the best-in-class Xceptional Support you expect and deserve. Every time. Guaranteed.

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