Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

The last word on payment data security

HSM hardware security module Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2
For payments and general-purpose encryption

The world’s most advanced payment HSM

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 is the fastest hardware security module (HSM) in the world. A transaction processing powerhouse, the Excrypt SSP v.2 combines vast cryptographic functionality with near-limitless scalability. Its robust virtualization capabilities allow users to create virtual HSMs with unique firmware versions, users, key storage, and security policies. This, as well as the module’s integration with all common APIs and host applications, plus its robust compliance with standards like FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI PTS HSM, make it the backbone of enterprise data security infrastructure.

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Power, performance, and utility

The Excrypt SSP v.2 is the fastest payment HSM in the world, both in terms of transactions per second (TPS) and signatures per second (SPS). Its performance, as well as its range of cryptographic functions and level of redundancy, and can be scaled according to need.

Universal compatibility

The Excrypt SSP v.2 integrates with almost every financial host application software sold around the world, thanks to its broad support for all common APIs, including standards-based interfaces and web APIs. This, plus its backward compatibility with other Excrypt HSMs, makes it especially easy to deploy within enterprise processing environments.

Scripting and automation

Users can create and deploy virtual HSMs with the Futurex Client Library (FXCL) and the Futurex Command Line Interface (FXCLI), with user-focused scripting and automation capabilities.

Disaster recovery and redundancy

The Excrypt SSP v.2 contains integrated disaster recovery and redundancy features. The device complies with all major key management best practices and features physical and logical security controls.

Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 payment HSM hardware security module
Sheer processing power

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 excels in high throughput environments where reliability and functionality are crucial.

Diverse use cases

Whether its card or mobile issuing, transaction acquiring, P2PE, remote key loading (RKL), this HSM has you covered.

HSM virtualization

Create logically independent HSMs in a host device for separate transaction processing environments.

Minimize downtime, no matter your throughput

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 excels in enterprise environments with high throughput and lots of applications. It provides full system redundancy and HSM virtualization, making it a cornerstone of security infrastructure. It happens to be the fastest payment HSM in the world, compliant with all major security standards, with support for all common APIs and encryption algorithms. Deploy on-premises for hands-on control or in Futurex’s VirtuCrypt cloud for on-demand HSM processing.

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Digital transformation through HSM virtualization

Organizations can use the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2's multitenancy capabilities to create a pool of cryptographic resources for their applications, shared among business units but managed in a central location. Critical data and keys can still be determined for specific applications and business units.

Avoid the trap of vendor-lock

Futurex products are designed with the integration process in mind, and the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 is no exception. Its near-universal support for all APIs — including standards-based and web APIs — minimizes the effort of integrating it with applications and avoids being locked into using vendor-specific interfaces.

Highly available enterprise infrastructure

To further extend its potential, you can pair the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 with other Futurex devices like the Guardian Series 3, which redistributes processing loads to backup devices to prevent the loss of functionality in the event of a disaster, as well as general load balancing.

Versatile deployment options

Like all Futurex solutions, the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, through Futurex's VirtuCrypt cloud platform, for turn-key deployment.
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Vaultless tokenization

Futurex uses vaultless tokenization, an advanced form of. This performs tokenization without token vaults, reducing exposure of clear-text data. 

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 encrypts data from the point of capture to storage. This ensures that data is never transmitted in the clear and boosts compliance.

Next-gen transaction processing

Take advantage of highly scalable payment transaction processing speeds, with both issuing and acquiring possible within the same environment.

A dynamic scope of algorithms

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 supports all common asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms to provide a wealth of encryption options.

Host application integration

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 supports standards-based interfaces and web APIs to aid integration with external applications, no matter how many.

Integrated smart card reader

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 features an integrated smart card reader to meet best practices for loading/ distributing key components.

Expand what’s possible

HSM virtualization

Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 HSM specifications

Hardware features

  • Dual control-enabled, tamper-responsive
  • Smart card reader for M-of-N key fragmentation and dual-factor authentication
  • Dual, redundant gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Dual, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Secure Cryptographic Device (SCD) with tamper responsive barrier to protect sensitive data

Operating conditions

  • Power: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz. 225 Watts
  • Operating temp: -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)
  • Storage temp: -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)
  • Operating humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Storage humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 36 lbs (16.33 kg)
  • Width: 19 inches (48.26 cm)
  • Height: 1U – 1.72 inches (4.37 cm)
  • Depth: 19.4 inches (49.38 cm)

Powering the VirtuCrypt cloud

VirtuCrypt key management services are backed by the Excrypt SPP Enterprise v.2 with hardened FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated technology. Whether an organization requires complete infrastructure management or simply more functionality for existing Futurex infrastructure, VirtuCrypt offers a variety of service structures designed to meet security requirements.

VirtuCrypt services
VirtuCrypt cloud HSM

Industry compliance standards

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • ANSI X9.24 part 1 and part 2 – TR-39

Supported cryptographic functionality

  • DES
  • Triple-DES
  • Master/Session
  • AES
  • RSA
  • EMV
  • PKCS #11 cryptographic library for host application integration

VirtuCrypt integration

  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Frequently asked questions

An enterprise payment HSM is a cryptographic device that performs cryptographic operations within a physically secure environment. Enterprise payment HSMs are used to encrypt payment transactions and manage payment keys in high-throughput environments. The descriptor “enterprise” refers to the demanding environments where they are deployed. The fast and powerful Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 HSMs work in any enterprise IT infrastructure and are highly customizable for different use cases.

Transaction processing throughput is measured in transactions per second (TPS). Your organization’s TPS depends on  your operation’s scale, how many customers and partners you’re serving, and existing infrastructure. Enterprise organizations tend to need faster processing speeds that balance immanent needs with anticipated future demands. The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 offers ultimate scalability when it comes to cryptographic functionality and processing speed, able to go from a few hundred TPS up to tens of thousands with a simple request..

Futurex hardware is designed and manufactured completely in-house. To both help our customers and partners meet compliance requirements, as well as to give them the best user experience, solutions like the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 are made to withstand demanding IT environments. On the software level, Futurex HSMs operate with a sophisticated code base that allows them to support new and emerging algorithms, compliance standards, and cryptographic functions.

Scalability and customization are what defines an enterprise-class HSM. Aside from sheer processing power, which reaches upwards of 50,000 TPS, Futurex’s enterprise-grade HSMs can serve multiple applications at the same time with application partitioning. The number of application partitions extends into the hundreds, for unsurpassed scalability. As far as customization goes, the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 includes custom command line interfaces (CLIs) and client libraries. These tools open up scripting and automation capabilities, organizing complicated operations into a single command.

HSM virtualization refers to an HSM’s ability to create and run virtual instances of itself. This effectively multiplies the number of HSMs a user has access to, allowing them to dedicate virtual HSMs to different  transaction processing environments, use cases, or business units. Each virtual HSM is truly independent, with unique firmware versions, users, security policies, and storage space. In short, HSM virtualization allows users to deploy multiple HSMs within a single device.

Protect Sensitive Payment Data at Rest, in Use, and in Motion

Electronic payment networks need data security solutions that scale in speed and expand over time to support emerging payment types and algorithms. The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 is the world’s fastest hardware security module (HSM) for financial transaction processing. It offers robust functionality and full backward compatibility with the Excrypt SSP Series of HSMs. It has a high degree of scalability, offering speeds in excess of 50,000 transactions per second. All in a tamper-resistant, 1U rackmount chassis.

Integrated disaster recovery and redundancy features ensure rock-solid reliability. The device complies with key management best practices and contains some of the industry’s most advanced security features.

Payment Security Functionality
  • Card/PIN Issuance
  • Mobile Payments
  • P2PE and Tokenization
  • ATM Remote Key Loading
  • Card/PIN Validation
  • EMV Issuance/Validation
  • MAC and Hashing
  • General Purpose Functionality
HSM Virtualization

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 can create multiple logically independent HSMs inside a single host device for separate transaction processing environments.

  • Increase the ROI of your HSM infrastructure
  • Multiple methods of access including a web portal, API, the Guardian Series 3, and VirtuCrypt
  • Test new firmware on an independent virtual instance
  • Unique firmware versions, users, key storage space, and security policies on each virtual HSM
HSM Virtualization and Application Partitioning
  • The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 offers HSM virtualization and application partitioning. This allows multiple logically separated environments to be created within a single FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSM boundary.
Universal Compatibility
  • Turnkey compatibility with all major financial host application software, as well as support for standardsbased interfaces like PKCS #11 and Java for general purpose cryptographic processing.

The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 provides virtualization capabilities that allow users to host logically separated virtual HSMs from within a single physical device.

Wide-Ranging Cryptograhic Functionality
  • Magnetic Stripe and EMV Card Issuance and Verification
  • MAC and Hashing
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Format-Preserving Encryption
  • ATM Remote Key Loading
  • HCE and Cloud Payments
  • Digital Signing
  • General-Purpose Cryptography
  • Mobile Payments
  • PIN Management and Printing
  • Tokenization
  • Contactless/NFC
  • 3-D Secure
  • PCI Data Protection
  • On Behalf Key Management (OBKM)
  • Custom Functionality
HSM Virtualization, Application Partitioning, and Custom Command Extensions
  • A single Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 HSM can be divided into multiple logically separated, completely independent virtual HSMs
  • Design and deploy custom extensions within the HSM’s cryptographic boundary to add functionality to existing API commands
  • Use application partitioning to segregate key storage locations, giving individual applications control over their own keys and security policies through API function blocking
Native Integration with Futurex Solutions
  • The Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 integrates directly with other Futurex solutions for centralized configuration, management, monitoring, alerting, load balancing, cloud services, and more.
Disaster Recovery and High Availability
  • Contains hot-swappable power supplies and dual Ethernet ports
  • Integrates with VirtuCrypt for increased infrastructure visibility and uptime
Dimension and Weight
  • Weight: 36 pounds (16.33 kg)
  • Width: 19 inches (48.3 cm)
  • Height: 1U – 1.7 inches (4.37 cm)
  • Depth: 19.44 inches (49.38 cm)
Industry Compliance Standards
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated
  • RoHS
  • FCC Part 15 – Class B
  • ANSI X9.24 Part 1 and Part 2—TR-39
Guardian Series 3

Create a centrally managed network of devices communicating over encrypted TLS. The Guardian can manage groups of client Futurex devices from any location.

Functionality and Interfaces
  • RSA
  • AES
  • ECC
  • RESTful API
  • Java JCA/JCE
  • PKCS #11
  • And more
Key Block Formats
  • TR-31
  • Cryptograms
  • AKB
Remote Management

Combine the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 & the Excrypt Touch for remote access and management.

Available Configurations

Scalable as processing needs grow:

  • 5,000 TPS
  • 10,000 TPS
  • 20,000+ TPS

Yes, the general payment HSM integration guide for the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 may be viewed here. A PDF version of the integration guide may be downloaded from here.

HSM hardware security module Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

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