Public Cloud Integration

Integrate cloud HSM and key management services

Connect to a multi-cloud environment

Public cloud security

Integrate workloads running inside public clouds with Futurex VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs. All VirtuCrypt cloud services are powered by Futurex FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified cryptographic modules. The VirtuCrypt cloud is your doorway to unlimited cryptographic functionality through native public cloud integration.

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public cloud integration and security

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Connection architecture

VirtuCrypt and the public cloud

Futurex solutions come with vendor-neutral APIs so you can integrate our services with the public cloud. This helps with onboarding, scaling your infrastructure, and securing communication.

High availability, no matter your location

Our global data center presence provides cloud computing at the edge, with data center failover and monitoring by region. Learn more about VirtuCrypt data centers.


A VirtuCrypt Access Point (VAP) is a streamlined method for connecting applications running within public clouds to Futurex VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs through a secure private network that avoids using the public internet. Users establish a VAP through the user-friendly VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP), avoiding the typical hassle of creating firewall rules, setting up site-to-site VPNs, and other networking activities. The result is a connection with higher security and lower latency.


A CryptoTunnel defines the connection parameters to VirtuCrypt. It consists of the following elements: a name, the Cryptoverse used to authenticate clients, the service to which the tunnel routs (the cloud HSM), the incoming channel (Internet, public cloud, and so on), the public cloud provider, the public cloud region, and any information that you need to whitelist.


A Cryptoverse uses a PKI managed by VirtuCrypt to determine the services to which public cloud applications have access. You can use a Cryptoverse to encrypt and mutually authenticate all endpoints, whether cloud HSM services, connections to VirtuCrypt, access points like load balancers and edge systems, or client applications.


Endpoints allow your organization to access VirtuCrypt in the public cloud. You need to designate an endpoint on the VAP to create the communication channel between the public cloud and the VirtuCrypt cloud HSM. Define the endpoints with the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal.

Cryptographic Architecture

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Why integrate?

Benefits of integrating cloud HSMs with public clouds

High availability and disaster recovery

The VirtuCrypt Intelligence Platform makes it easy to manage your cloud infrastructure. Configure cloud HSMs to be highly available, with high fault tolerance and full disaster recovery capabilities.

Multi-region and application support

Enable a single cloud HSM to connect with multiple public cloud regions. Applications from different global regions can connect to VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs simultaneously.

Cloud-like features

Grow your cloud footprint by creating HSM environments that scale on demand. VirtuCrypt’s management features perform system updates and maintenance with no downtime.

Simple and secure process

VirtuCrypt onboarding

VirtuCrypt hardens your HSM and key management infrastructure, establishing security from step one to eliminate process-related risks or errors.

Futurex designed our onboarding process for compliance, security, and ease of use. VirtuCrypt follows this standardized onboarding process validated by independent third-party auditors for adherence to compliance requirements.

Get started

Step One

Create a VIP account and go through onboarding administration.

Step Two

Download a client certificate from the VIP portal.

Step Three

Set up the network and conduct validation with VirtuCrypt.

Step Four

Load major keys and network keys into the HSM estate.
public cloud integration VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP)

VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP)

The VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP) provides customers with control and visibility of their cloud in the field or corporate office. VirtuCrypt CryptoTunnels ensure secure communication between applications and HSMs.

  • On-demand cloud HSM provisioning
  • User-managed high availability clustering
  • Centralized log management and reporting
  • RESTful API for integrating VirtuCrypt programmatically
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Hardware-backed cloud services

VirtuCrypt Cloud combines the convenience of a scalable cloud platform with the enterprise-grade security of FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated cryptographic hardware.

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