Custom Development

Our platform adapts to you – not vice versa

Bespoke cryptographic solutions

Futurex engineers and Solutions Architects develop custom cryptographic solutions tailored to fit your organization’s needs. No matter your location, industry, or size, the Futurex cryptographic platform is flexible and powerful enough to meet and surpass your security goals.

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Turnkey migration services

Migrate away from legacy data encryption and key management providers with the support of the Futurex Solutions Architect team.

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Custom API functionality

Futurex solutions include vendor-neutral APIs. These speed up development with support for new algorithms and key derivation methods.

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Complex custom features

Add custom features and functionality to meet the unique needs of complex, global enterprises and their IT security ecosystems.

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Real cryptographic agility, however you need it

You can deploy Futurex solutions on any scale and in any configuration. Whether you need a complete cryptographic infrastructure or to resolve a specific use case, Futurex has the HSMs, key management servers, and management modules to achieve your objectives. Deploy on-premises for complete control, in the cloud for agility and cost-effectiveness, or as a hybrid model for maximum flexibility.

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Easy integration

Futurex solutions come with vendor neutral APIs. These flexible APIs make it easy to integrate Futurex products with existing infrastructure. It also becomes the foundation for future integration.

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Custom project management

Futurex guides programming personnel in the design, testing, and implementation of solutions. Our Solutions Architects are present for each step of the Quality Assurance process.

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