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Secure key management service

Futurex provides the most versatile key management solutions on the market. You can deploy our key management systems as all-in-one-box cryptographic modules, spin up individual cryptographic operations in the VirtuCrypt cloud and combine them with critical infrastructure. Secure key management has never been better.

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cryptographic key management

Cryptographic key management

Encryption key management servers and key injectors with built-in hardware security modules (HSMs) meet your data security needs. Each hardware security module, by design, is intrusion resistant and surpasses compliance requirements with FIPs 140 2 Level 3-certified data security.

  • Key lifecycle management
  • Certificate authority (CA) for digital signing
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) for strong authentication
  • Remote, automatic key injection and rotation
  • Centralized management of cryptographic keys
  • Support for every key generation algorithm

Key lifecycle management

Key lifecycles involve key generation, secure key storage, key rotation, and disposal. The Futurex key management system helps you manage this process from a centralized platform, enabling automation on both a global and granular level. Reduce system downtime and save time and effort required by manual key management processes.

  • All major encryption key algorithms supported
  • Key rotation and injection schemes can be automated
  • The key management platform is easy to use
  • Users have maximum control
financial key management

Financial key management

Futurex key management servers handle both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. They secure private keys, forming the basis for public key infrastructure (PKI) and an offline root certificate authority (CA). This enables mutual authentication between devices and users. The private keys of the offline root CA are secured by FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified HSMs.

  • Use symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  • Establish offline root CA and issuing CA to manage certificate trees
  • Create a PKI for digital authentication
  • Manage encryption keys from a central, intuitive GUI
Cloud and hybrid solutions

The VirtuCrypt cloud

Manufacturers of connected devices need large-scale key distribution to secure data during production and deployment. Futurex offers a hardware-based key distribution platform through the VirtuCrypt cloud service. A user-friendly interface allows for flexible customization and to-the-nth-degree scalability.

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