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About Futurex

Trusted by the largest enterprises and Tier-1 organizations around the world, Futurex has spent the last 39+ years building a reputation for reliable, innovative data security...


Excrypt Plus Overview

The Excrypt Plus is available in varying models, providing the transaction speeds your organization needs. Need to expand more? Increase speeds in the field to 5,000 TPS and...


Futurex Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is a records management technology using a series of cryptographically authenticated “blocks” on a “chain”. These blocks consist of transactions entered...


Futurex Code Signing

The KMES Series 3 is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated solution used to centralize the storage and management of digital signing certificates for secure code signing by globally...


Futurex Post Quantum CA

With this technology, you can simultaneously issue certificates to IoT devices or any other digital object with both classical and quantum-safe algorithms. After integrating...


Guardian Series 3 Overview

The Guardian’s robust monitoring engine tracks vital information for managed devices and groups in real-time. Fully customizable notifications delivered via SMTP, SNMP,...


Vaultless Tokenization

Tokenization is a method of concealing sensitive data by using random characters as placeholder data. Futurex offers vaultless tokenization, which securely generates reversible...


Vectera Plus - Overview

The Vectera Plus is a general purpose hardware security module that excels in the most demanding cryptographic processing environments. The Vectera Plus combines high processing...


VirtuCrypt Cloud HSM AWS - Integration

The role of public cloud providers in modern IT ecosystems is expanding by the day, and financial applications are no exception. With VirtuCrypt’s financial cloud HSM services,...


VirtuCrypt - Overview

Imagine a hardened cloud service that combines scalable, fully redundant data processing capabilities along with the convenience of remote access and the robust physical and...

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