Enterprise CA for IoT Manufacturing

With widespread market success and a desire to provide its customers with the highest possible levels of security, speed, and technology, a global leader in manufactured electronic...


Nautilus Hyosung

Nautilus Hyosung, one of the largest ATM manufacturers in the world, needed a hardened, standards-compliant solution that would allow it to inject its Encrypting PIN Pads...


Ecentric Payment Systems

To enhance the transactional security of its Point of Sale terminals, Ecentric Payment Systems approached Stanchion Payment Solutions, a partner of Futurex. Ecentric wanted...


Futurex Platform Turnkey Migration

Futurex’s Freedom Application allows organizations to quickly and painlessly translate their existing keys from a previous, restrictive schema to Futurex’s standards-based...


Miura Systems and VirtuCrypt

As part of a project to transition key injection processes to the cloud, Miura Systems worked with VirtuCrypt to design and deploy a cloud-based remote key loading service....


How EPX Future-Proofed Their Payment Processing Infrastructure

In 2007, Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) worked with Futurex to deploy a powerful and flexible on-premises cryptographic infrastructure. The international company had recognized...


CSU Case Study

CSU contacted Futurex in 2021. In their aim to expand business operations across new markets, they sought to pioneer banking as a service (BaaS) in Brazil. But their legacy...


CSU - Caso de Estudio

CSU contactó a Futurex en 2021. En su objetivo de ampliar las operaciones comerciales en nuevos mercados, querían ser pioneros en la banca como servicio (BaaS) en Brasil....


Copayment Case Study

Copayment, a Mexican payments security company, began a strategic partnership with Futurex. They sought a technology partner with best-in-class customer support matched by...

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