Hardened Enterprise Security Platform

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The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is a collection of advanced data security solutions that operate together to produce a result far beyond the sum of its parts. Trusted by Tier 1 organizations worldwide, the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform represents the pinnacle of infrastructure security. Scalability, versatility, and security together create an efficient platform that satisfies all of our customers’ needs.

Secure, Comprehensive Protection

Each component of the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform adds features and functionality that combine to form a complete solution, eliminating fragmentation and reliance on multi-vendor integration. The platform is designed to be comprehensive, securing every aspect and endpoint of organizations’ core cryptographic infrastructures, from key management to data encryption to secure storage, and much more.

The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform’s efficiency and advanced functionality is made possible by its Base Architecture Model (BAM). The BAM is a foundational common codebase that allows features and updates for one device to be pushed out to the entire platform without any extra integration work or downtime, significantly advancing go-to-market agility for new enhancements while ensuring extra stability through comprehensive quality assurance testing.

First-to-Market Advantages 


Beyond the robust security of Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated Secure Cryptographic Devices (SCD), the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform enhances security by maintaining data integrity across every endpoint. Without having to purchase devices from multiple vendors, your business can significantly reduce the risk of weak points in your infrastructure caused by third-party integration.


Upgrades to legacy and multi-vendor systems are more than just inconvenient and timely; they are often completely unfeasible. The stability of the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform enables functionality and new products to be deployed across your entire infrastructure rapidly, efficiently, and without the headache of compatibility testing to sustain security and interoperability with multiple vendors.

Standardized Support and Training

The time and effort it takes to train employees in maintaining and operating disjointed, multivendor systems can be dramatically reduced by standardizing your data security infrastructure through the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform. Likewise, the troubles of relying on multiple support plans when something goes wrong with your infrastructure are completely eliminated, with Futurex’s expert Solutions Architects serving as one source for all support needs.

Your business does not have to settle for a black box solution. Futurex has significant experience developing custom solutions ideally suited to the environments of our customers. The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform’s flexible, connected architecture and in-house engineering team allow for new technology to be created and implemented in an expedited and efficient manner. This future-proof system ensures organizations will continue to have advanced and secure infrastructures, regardless of their evolving business needs.


With the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform, you’ll never have to worry about having enough storage or processing capacity to meet your business needs. The platform’s scalability is virtually limitless with the seamless addition of more processing power or physical hardware.

Total System Control

Imagine a device that is capable of intelligently monitoring, configuring, and alerting of any issues across your entire core cryptographic infrastructure. With the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform, that centralized management can be a reality. This allows for a highly available, redundant, and alert system that keeps you aware of every aspect of your infrastructure.