Enterprise-Class Replacement for RSA DPM and RCM

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Why Use the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform

The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform, in addition to offering a full certificate and registration authority, yields a number of more granular features and benefits, including a means for application encryption and a way to generate and store secure tokens.

Key, Certificate, and Object Management

  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
  • OCSP
  • Certificate authority
  • LDAP
  • Secure key management
  • Registration authority

Application Encryption

  • PKCS #11
  • Data agnostic format preserving encryption
  • Transaction processing and validation
  • Management of PCI compliance data


  • HMAC-based token generation and hashing
  • Reversible tokenization
  • Vaulted and vaultless tokenization
  • MS Active Directory Certificate Services integration

Other reasons to migrate to the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform

A key feature of our products and services is their ease-of-use. At the application level, Futurex devices use an intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI is consistent across the entire Hardened Enterprise Security Platform, reducing training time and improving operational efficiency.

Further benefits reach all important stakeholders in an organization, including executives, system administrators, and developers. Some of these are listed below.

For executives

  • Customized, lean solutions based on cryptographic need to control costs, scaling to the nth degree as necessary
  • Hardware that meets critical compliance requirements such as those of FIPS, PCI, HIPAA, TR-39, and more
  • Single-vendor, turnkey solution with 24x7x365 support

For system administrators

  • Centralized device management with central audit logging and reporting based on user-defined parameters via the Guardian Series 3
  • Redundantly designed hardware with disaster recovery and backup
  • Device interoperability that allows for global scale operations

For developers

  • Developer-centric design supports reuse of functionality across multiple applications and growth in use of cryptographic technology over time
  • Diverse, extensible Excrypt UI with intuitive command syntax using field identifiers to parse data
  • RESTful API for custom HTTP request to managed devices

Schedule a Webinar

Customized evaluation and personalized migration plan from our team of CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects.

What does the Migration Path Look Like?

The amount of time it takes to migrate to the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform or Security Cloud depends on the scope of the project: how many applications need to migrate, how many keys and tokens need to migrate, etc. Nonetheless, Futurex has never failed to complete a project. The migration path follows a three step process:


To understand the unique needs of an organization, Futurex’s team of CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects offer customized consulting—analyzing cryptographic infrastructures and helping to design a custom, turnkey solution.


Once the cryptographic environment has been analyzed, and a solution designed, a turnkey deployment of that solution will take place. In the meantime, CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects help organizations develop documentation and train employees on the proper usage of the custom solution. The Solutions Architect team can also help organizations prepare for compliance audits.


As a business grows, so too does its cryptographic needs. Expansion can take many forms, including increasing cryptographic throughput, adding functionalities, or requesting custom development initiatives.

Expansion capabilities are limitless when leveraging VirtuCrypt, a Futurex company. VirtuCrypt offers a Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud, with the full power of Futurex hardware. Ease of use is maintained through an intuitive web portal and the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal Dashboard along with continuous 24/7/365 Xceptional Support.

For more information and/or completion of the initial migration step, please contact us or schedule a webinar. A CTGA - accredited Solutions Architect is available to help your organization make the best decision for its cryptographic security needs. 

Hardware Security Modules

Guardian Series 3

Guardian Series 3

Empower your administrators with centralized management, redundancy, device status monitoring, and more

  • Central management for Futurex devices
  • Comprehensive load distribution and automated failover
  • User-defined grouping for devices
  • Intuitive visual and logical user interface
  • Customized notifications, alerts, and status reports
KMES Series 3

KMES Series 3

Hardened, enterprise-class key and certificate lifecycle management solutions

  • Symmetric key lifecycle management for issuance, offline root, and more
  • Enterprise certificate authority and public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Registration authority 
  • Data protection, application encryption, and integration with 3rd-party applications
  • Vaultless tokenization
  • Quantum-resistant hybrid certificate authority issuance
Vectera Plus

Vectera Plus

Protect your sensitive data and transactions with industry-leading security in the Vectera Plus general-purpose HSM

  • Meets or exceeds industry compliance standards
  • Increases the overall speed and functionality of your HSM network
  • Supports a variety of cryptographic functionality