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Can I get a product overview of the Excrypt Touch?

Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Eliminate manual processes associated with loading key components
  • Manage multiple client Futurex devices from a single Excrypt Touch
  • Administer your worldwide data encryption presence from a single location, without scheduling data center visits
  • Rapidly configure and deploy new Futurex devices
PKI-Based Security
  • Every Excrypt Touch is signed with a unique root certificate per customer, ensuring only your Excrypt Touch accesses your Futurex devices
  • All connections between the Excrypt Touch and remote Futurex devices are mutually authenticated and encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Key components are never transferred as clear text
Simplified Usage
  • Versatile Graphical User Interface for intuitive operation
  • Integrated, capacitive touch screen and smart card reader eliminates the need for cumbersome peripherals
  • Large, high-resolution screen designed for clarity, responsiveness, and increased functionality
Powerful Logging Capability
  • Detailed audit records in a convenient, exportable format
  • Simplified management of internal and external audits
  • Complete, authenticated logs of all activity and access
Robust Logical Security
  • Dual-factor authentication for increased security
  • Dual logins required to access the configuration application
  • Key component entry occurs in separate steps, each with its own check digit display
Securing the world's most sensitive data.
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