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Can I get a product overview of the Guardian Series 3?

Enterprise Management for Your Core Cryptographic Infrastructure
  • Centralized management, configuration, log auditing, & key loading
  • User-defined device grouping system with drag-and-drop functionality, simplifying the process of managing multiple environments or regions collectively within the Guardian
  • Remotely “push” updates for distributing and installing firmware on managed devices, reducing travel time and expenses
Web Analytics and Management Platform
  • At-a-glance health assessment for the entire crypto infrastructure
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Mobile-friendly support for all major web browsers
  • Ability to create custom reports of various outputs (CSV, HTML, etc.)
  • Customizable global cryptographic view featuring default or user-defined graphs
Regulatory Compliance Becomes an Easy Process
  • Centralized firmware updating simplifies the process of keeping client devices up-to-date
  • Consolidate data logs from all client devices
  • Permission-based user authentication system enables group-specific function blocking and can restrict users to job-specific functionality
Customized Notification and Alerting
  • User-definable alerting parameters and priority-based notifications
  • SMTP and SMS notifications let administrators see infrastructure health, receive proactive alerts, and gain actionable intelligence
  • Simple Network Message Protocol (SNMP) and syslog functionality transmit log and error messages to a central network monitoring tool
Securing the world's most sensitive data.
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