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Can you explain the Certificate Lifecycle?

X.509 Profiles

X.509 public key certificate standards include a number of fields that are identifiable within a certificate. These fields make up the X.509 profile and include: the version, serial number, signature algorithm identifier, issuer name, validity period, subject name, public key information, issuer ID, subject, ID, and extensions. The CA will refer to these fields to confirm the validity of incoming certificates and certificate requests. Futurex contains these standard profile descriptors, and more.

Domain Name Profiles

The KMES Series 3 also enables users to create and manage X.509 domain name profiles through an easy to use interface. These profiles operate as a subnet and identifies authority within an organization. Through the KMES Series 3, users can set up these profiles and customize features such as the object identifier (OID), syntax, and value.

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