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How are the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform features enhanced over time?

As the data security industry advances and changes, so, too, does the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform. New features, updates, and functionality improvements are continuously added in order to further develop the functionality and usability of the individual devices.

The Base Architecture Model allows these new features to be seamlessly replicated in all future releases of the device, as well as in all other technology in the product line. This accelerated feature development ensures optimal quality in all devices that work tirelessly to combat new threats as well increase ease-of-use for systems administrators.

For example, to further increase device security and authentication procedures, Futurex devices are capable of utilizing principles of dual-factor authentication. When logging into a Futurex device, users can be required to enter a username and password combination and present a smart card with matching credentials. Using this system, if a thief acquires an employee’s smart card, the thief will not be able to log into the device without the correct username and password. Likewise, if an employee’s username and password becomes compromised, access will not be granted without the corresponding smart card.

This feature was initially developed for Futurex’s RKMS (Remote Key Management Server) Series 3. Through the Base Architecture Model, this new feature was seamlessly replicated in all future releases of the other device in the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform without having to manually update each device separately. These new features will also be included in all new technology that Futurex develops in the future. This allows customers to have expedited access to the most secure technology on the market.

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