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How does integration work with Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

An example of a public cloud provider that can be integrated with cloud payment HSMs is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using AWS as a public cloud provider, this section provides an example of how the integration process works.

One of the main benefits of integrating cloud HSMs with AWS is the full integration with the Amazon Marketplace. As one of the largest and most widely used cloud platforms, AWS has a multitude of services that can be utilized for hosting applications & infrastructure with global availability. Using the Amazon Marketplace helps with the onboarding as well. If a client is already using AWS, the onboarding and renewal will be much simpler in terms of using the existing customer information available through AWS.

Through AWS, you can create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that can connect to VirtuCrypt. A VPC allows for a logically separated section of the cloud where your organization can define its own virtual network and handle workloads. These VPCs are deployed per AWS region. With this integration, customers will be able to use VirtuCrypt Access Points (VAP) that manage access to the VirtuCrypt cloud. By using VAPs, the process of connecting to VirtuCrypt eliminates any need for direct Internet routing.

In addition to enabling access to the same VirtuCrypt cloud services from multiple AWS regions, organizations benefit from the variety of access methods, such as on-premises applications through Internet or VPN and hybrid environments. Access to all the different regions allows for lower latency, increased availability, and more robust levels of disaster recovery and redundancy.

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