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How does the Base Architecture Model improve quality assurance testing and development?

Cryptographic infrastructures that do not utilize a common code base can often face many challenges when it comes to updating their technology. It may take longer to update the entire system if a security flaw is found. Routine updates may be delayed because they are time consuming, and adding new devices requires a great deal more integration work. Quality assurance testing and development takes more time because desired updates take longer to implement when performing updates on each device individually, rather than being able to update each device in the entire platform at once.

The Base Architecture Model significantly reduces the amount of time required to develop, test, and code existing products. Each product is similar in design because of the common code and functionality base, so modifications or usability updates that are made to one product can be easily replicated across the entire Hardened Enterprise Security Platform. Emerging compliance updates in various industries can be made to existing products and easily distributed to each device through the model.

Futurex specializes in custom development projects, where customers require unique features and abilities from their technology that may not currently exist. Through the Base Architecture Model, the time required to perform quality assurance testing is significantly reduced. Existing features have already been tested and perfected, meaning focus can be placed on the quality assurance testing of the newly designed features. Additionally, these new features, developed through custom projects, will be available immediately to all other customers who may have need of the same features and functionality.

Similarly, when Futurex adds new devices to its product lineup, the time-to-market for new products is also reduced because the device is designed and developed using the common code base, rather than beginning from scratch. Thorough quality assurance testing is performed on all Futurex products before they are released into the market, and the new products will automatically include all previously developed features, security measures, and functions, so the engineering team can instead focus on developing new technology to meet the ever-changing and evolving needs of customers.

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