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How does the Guardian Series 3 deliver centralized cryptographic infrastructure management?

Enterprise Management Capabilities and Business Insights for Your Data Security Ecosystem

To create a reliable cryptographic infrastructure requires constant attention. Changing throughput rates, compliance mandates, and new functional requirements demand a wide range of cryptographic devices. Administrators and key officers normally must visit each device, often in geographically dispersed data centers.

The Guardian Series 3 delivers centralized management, monitoring, load balancing, audit logging, and reporting to your environment. It frees you to focus on other priorities while complex cryptographic device management tasks are greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

The Guardian’s robust monitoring engine tracks vital information for managed devices and groups in real-time. Fully customizable notifications delivered via SMTP, SNMP, SMS, and syslog let administrators oversee infrastructure health and gain actionable insights. Administrators can even customize and view graphical reports and analyses.

  • Centralized Management of Futurex Devices
  • Key and Certificate Replicating for High Availability
  • Audit Log Repository for all managed devices
  • Customized Alerting and Notifications
Endless Access, Anytime

The Guardian allows authorized users to centralize management of Futurex devices through synchronous peering and remote configuration. It makes in-person physical management of enterprise cryptographic infrastructure virtually obsolete.

Ease of Use
  • Powerful user interface for intuitive operation
  • Seamless addition process for new Futurex client devices
  • Remote web management for lights-out data centers
  • Rapid modification of resource allocation
Intelligent Load Distribution and Automated Fallover
  • Active-active redundancy prevents loss of functionality in the event of a disaster, redistributing the processing load to backup Futurex devices
  • Automatic synchronization of keys, certificates, and device information among client devices
Securing the world's most sensitive data.
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