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How does the SKI provide a streamlined and secure injection process?

The SKI is capable of connecting to up to nineteen POS terminals at once. Scalable hardware allows you to purchase only the injection capabilities your organization needs, increasing capacity over time without increasing your total rack footprint.

Capable of injecting more than one type of key at a time, the SKI also can easily and securely import, create, and store your keys. This helps to eliminate the time-consuming process of performing more key loading ceremonies than are necessary.

High Powered Key Injection Functionality
  • Automate large key injection batches
  • Standardized Point of Sale terminal injection templates help reduce operator errors and eliminate re-work
Connect to Multiple POS Devices Simultaneously
  • Generate duplicate copies of POS device templates
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate training requirements for multiple vendor-specific injection tools
Securing the world's most sensitive data.
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