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What are the expansion capabilities of VirtuCrypt Cloud Payment HSM?

Each of the different cloud payment HSM service types available through VirtuCrypt come with expansion capabilities. This is true whether it is a hybrid environment or fully hosted by VirtuCrypt. These can be applied over time if an organization finds that they wish to grow beyond the model they initially selected.

The simplest way of adding redundancy is by enabling additional cloud payment HSMs at one or more data centers. With more cloud payment HSMs activated at different data centers, your organization increases its reliability and backup capabilities and decreases the possibility of data loss due to a system failure.

Throughput can also be increased by adding more cloud payment HSM services. Scalability can be adjusted through usercontrolled clustering of cloud payment HSMs, with automated synchronization of keys and settings, flexible throughput options for environments of all sizes, and flexible high availability and SLAs for test environments up to mission-critical  production applications.

Methods for Expansion

There are two main methods for expansion in the VirtuCrypt next-generation cloud payment HSM infrastructure: cloning and backup/restore. Expansion through cloning entails making a 1:1 copy of an existing cloud HSM instance and is the recommended method for rapidly increasing throughput or redundancy. The backup/restore method involves taking a backup directly from a VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSM and restoring it to a new cloud HSM instance. This saves time during the configuration process and ensures all settings are the same.

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