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What does the VirtuCrypt onboarding process consist of?

VirtuCrypt follows a standardized onboarding process which has been validated by independent third-party auditors for adherence to compliance. Our test and production environments follow similar workflows for onboarding and setup, with the exception being that production environments have stricter requirements.

By working with VirtuCrypt to establish your data security infrastructure, security is established from the source, thus removing the chance that any process-related risks or errors have occurred. The onboarding process is designed with compliance, security, and ease of use in mind.

The following steps are required to complete onboarding with VirtuCrypt:

  • Completion of forms and due diligence to validate personnel
  • Creation of a VIP account
  • Download client certificate
  • Network setup and validation
  • Load major keys and network keys

To deploy the VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSM service, several options are available:

  • Native deployment through the public cloud (AWS Marketplace, for example)
  • Futurex hybrid: on-premises payment application and on-premises Futurex HSMs
  • Full VirtuCrypt cloud option #1: on-premises payment application and VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs
  • Full VirtuCrypt cloud option #2: public cloud payment application and VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs
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