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What if my organization requires custom development initiatives?

Futurex specializes in custom development projects, frequently designing new features to meet the unique needs of customers all over the world. Futurex’s Solutions Architects will meet with the customer to evaluate the customer’s infrastructure in order to design a new solution that satisfies their requirements. Once the solution has been built and tested, the Solutions Architect will go on-site with the customer to implement the solution, train the staff on its use, and provide any additional assistance needed along the way.

However, once these features have been developed and incorporated into the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform, they can be made available in future releases of the device, granting other potential customers the ability to take advantage of these additional features as well.

The Base Architecture Model allows features or developments to be easily distributed across the entire Security Platform, eliminating the need to manually incorporate changes into each device. If another customer decides that they want or need access to a specific feature, providing them with this access can be as simple as flipping a switch or checking off a box within the device.

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