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What is a cloud payment HSM?

Cloud payment HSMs handle all common encryption tasks and form the basis of an organization’s enterprise data  security ecosystem. With VirtuCrypt, they can be quickly configured and integrated into existing infrastructure. This  makes them great all-in-one solutions for enterprises of any size.

The features and capabilities of next-generation cloud payment HSMs include:

Core-to-Cloud Architecture and Automation

A big advantage of the Futurex cloud payment HSM is the level of automation it affords. Instant provisioning within the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP) simplifies migration to the cloud. You can then access your device on the VIP dashboard once it’s been provisioned by VirtuCrypt engineers. Another aspect of this automated process is rapid migration from on-premises HSMs to cloud HSMs. This feature allows certain users to shift their infrastructure to the cloud quickly and easily, instead of having to undergo an exhaustive migration process. VirtuCrypt also provides a cloud HSM Software Development Kit (SDK) that lets you integrate cloud cryptographic processing and key management into your organization’s applications and services, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud Payment HSM Management and Snapshot Technology

The Futurex cloud payment HSM can take cloud HSM snapshots. These can be used for backups, migration to new systems, and streamlining new deployments. Cloud HSM snapshots allow for easy management because users can save instances of a cloud HSM. They can also enable and disable cloud HSMs with the click of a button for both testing and production environments. Users can store cloud payment HSM snapshots on the VirtuCrypt cloud HSM backup service and re-provision them on-demand. With these snapshots, users can build HSM templates that make establishing new environments simple while preventing errors. Cloud HSM major keys can be randomly generated, cloned from existing cloud HSMs, compliantly loaded using VirtuCrypt’s key agent services, and fully customer-loaded and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Crypto Infrastructure Intelligence and Orchestration

Futurex’s cloud HSMs simplify monitoring for true HSM orchestration. HSM orchestration allows cloud HSMs to be provisioned or modified based on user-defined scenarios. The VIP allows for centralized log management, auditfriendly reporting, and integrated monitoring and alerting. The ability to natively integrate with third-party applications and cloud monitoring tools gives users more flexibility.

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