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What is the graphical user interface of Futurex devices like?

One of the most important requirements of any device is usability. Encryption devices are vital to any data security infrastructure, so the device must be easy to use and should not require lengthy or complex employee training. These factors will contribute to a more overall productive environment.

All Futurex devices have a similar graphical user interface. Toolbars, options, and features common to all products are located in the same place on each device. This design significantly reduces the amount of time dedicated to training employees in the use of devices, and increases the ease with which employees can use multiple devices. Each device in the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform has a toolbar on the left hand side of the screen that contains all of the options available on that device. Tabs such as Configuration, Users, Logs, Reports, and Templates are common to all devices. These common tabs all serve the same function and offer the same additional options when clicked on.

The remaining tabs in each toolbar are unique to each device and will vary from product to product. This organization style contributes to a more overall productive work environment because systems administrators do not have to waste unnecessary time searching for the desired option.

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