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What is the process for public cloud integration?

The process begins by signing up for a VirtuCrypt service on the public cloud provider. The VirtuCrypt products currently offered are cloud payment HSMs for acquiring, issuing, and P2PE. Because the HSM is licensed through an online subscription, the cloud HSMs fall under the Software-as-a-Service category.

After signing up for a service, users are directed to a VIP registration page. Customers either create a new VIP account or sign into an existing account if they are already a VirtuCrypt customer. VirtuCrypt associates the service with the account, placing the service status into a pending state while the data is connected through the backend. Once the service has been successfully connected to the VirtuCrypt account, the user must create a CryptoTunnel.

Once the CryptoTunnel has been established, the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal will reach out to the specified region’s VirtuCrypt Access Point. Once the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal has contacted the VAP, a load balancer will be set up, also creating an endpoint with a VAP ID that points to VirtuCrypt.

Finally, in order to connect the VirtuCrypt Access Point to the CryptoTunnel, the VAP site-to-site VPN must be established. Once the site-to-site VPN is securely established, the communication between the cloud payment HSM in VirtuCrypt and the payment application hosted in the customer’s VPC at the public cloud provider can begin.

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