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What makes the Excrypt Plus the world’s most advanced payment HSM?

Rapidly encrypt & decrypt sensitive payment data in a PCI-DSS compliant HSM

Electronic payment networks need data security solutions that scale in speed and can expand over time to support emerging payment types and algorithms. The Excrypt Plus meets and exceed those needs, offering complete and robust transaction security at speeds of up to 5,000 transactions per second (TPS). With integrated disaster recover and redundancy features to ensure rock-solid reliability, the device complies with key management best practices and contains some of the industry’s most advanced security features.

Strategic integration

Strategically integrating the Excrypt Plus with other Futurex products paves the way for even faster speeds, higher availability, and fuller functionality to meet the most demanding requirements. It is compatible with Futurex solutions including the Guardian Series 3 and the Excrypt Touch, to create a fully redundant, remotely managed cryptographic infrastructure.

Available Excypt Plus functionality
  • Card/PIN issuance & validation
  • Mobile payments
  • P2PE & tokenization
  • ATM remote key loading
  • EMV issuance & validation
  • MAC & hashing
  • General purpose crypto
Securing the world's most sensitive data.
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