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Why VirtuCrypt for public cloud integration?

The migration of enterprise workloads to the cloud is not slowing down, and financial services providers are no exception. With many organizations already moving their payment applications to public clouds, the question of HSM integration and whether to move these to the cloud as well is a vital one that takes careful thought and consideration.

Whether exploring VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs for testing and development, deploying a hybrid environment paired with existing on-premises Futurex HSMs, or fully transitioning all cryptographic processing for acquiring, issuing, and P2PE to the cloud, it is clear that cloud HSMs can provide significant advantages.

Through the models offered from VirtuCrypt, organizations have many options for customizing their HSM redundancy, throughput, and functionalities. As public cloud usage continues to rise, we will likely see more and more financial services providers taking steps like this to increase security and flexibility for their end customers.

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