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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Database TDE

Enhance database security with Futurex transparent data encryption solutions

database transparent data encryption (TDE)

Enterprise Database Encryption Solutions

Futurex offers robust database encryption and agile key management solutions, ensuring database administrators can maintain a delicate balance between security and accessibility. In today's landscape, safeguarding data at rest across various platforms is imperative for organizations. Futurex's TDE solutions streamline this critical process, ensuring simplicity and efficacy.

  • Supports seamless integration with SQL servers, Oracle databases, and open-source databases 
  • Boost operational efficiency with high availability and fast transaction processing 
  • Flexible deployment in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid
  • Confidently secure with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification
Use Cases

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Introduced by Microsoft SQL in 2008, TDE offers seamless database protection without disrupting existing applications. TDE encrypts the entire database transparently, ensuring full access to all data types while bolstering security. Transaction logs and data backups further enhance protection against unauthorized access.

Cell-Level Encryption

Cell-level encryption provides granular control over data security within a database, allowing for strict user permissions and key management. Each data cell is individually encrypted, enhancing privacy and safeguarding sensitive information. Encryption tasks are performed manually, ensuring meticulous protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Futurex HSM Integration with Microsoft SQL

Integration between Futurex HSMs and Microsoft SQL is facilitated by the EKM library. Users configure the HSM specifics and register Futurex as the EKM provider in SQL. This setup allows for secure key management within FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated modules, ensuring robust data encryption capabilities.


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Oracle Database TDE

Establish a Root-of-Trust (ROT) for Oracle databases in the CryptoHub HSM and provide critical protection to the wallet password. The CryptoHub provides high-assurance security for the Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) process without disrupting existing features.

Microsoft SQL Server

Take advantage of the vast set of features and administrative functionality the CryptoHub HSM provides by using it to offload Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) keys for Microsoft SQL Server. Effectively manage the full key lifecycle, securely generate and issue database encryption keys, and configure specific key management functions like key rotation and aging. Read more about data encryption with SQL Server & HSMs.

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Futurex's dynamic database TDE: empowering secure data storage


Data Storage Needs
Organizations store vast amounts of data—healthcare manages patient records, universities hold research and student data, and retailers track customer transactions.


High-value Targets
Clear data repositories attract criminals, posing high-value targets. Negligence compounds risks, with individual records holding substantial value in certain industries.

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“Our electronic invoicing solution allowed us to expand our business and increase our service offerings, while continuing to provide our customers with the highest level of security for their sensitive data.”


- Jorge Cordova, IT/ Project Manager 

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Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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