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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Professional Services

Expert services for your cryptographic needs

data encryption professional services

Expert Encryption Services

Professional services tailored to your needs, from consultation and implementation guidance, to as-a-Service offerings and support to maximize the efficacy of encryption solutions within your organization. Trust our experts to optimize and elevate your cryptographic encryption solutions.

cryptographic encryption training


Enhance operational efficiency with day-to-day training on CryptoHub's features and functionalities. Our installation services ensure seamless integration, empowering your team to maximize the benefits of our cryptographic encryption solutions.


Leverage pre-audit advisory services and consult on cryptographic infrastructure to ensure compliance and best practices. Benefit from our expertise in key management, PCI processes, and migration, tailored to your organization's needs.

cryptographic infrastructure consulting
KMaaS (Key Management as a Service)

KMaaS (Key Management as a Service)

Experience seamless key management with VirtuCrypt/CryptoHub, supporting integration with third-party cloud providers. Simplify cryptographic operations and ensure data security with our comprehensive KMaaS solutions.


Ensure the health of your cryptographic environment with VirtuCrypt/CryptoHub monitoring services. We provide environmental health checks and support for third-party cloud providers, including specialized solutions for AWS and Google Hosted Private HSM for Payments.

cryptographic environment monitoring
HSM custom development

Custom Development

Unlock the full potential of encryption and HSM technologies with our custom development services. Tailored to your specific requirements, we offer comprehensive solutions to address unique cryptographic needs and enhance security measures.

Optimize your operations and accelerate your ROI across any cryptographic need

Leverage our decades of experience in cryptographic solutions for unparalleled guidance.
Tailored Solutions
Customized services tailored to meet unique business needs and requirements.
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Compliance Assurance
Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements with our expert consultation.

Seamless Integration
Effortlessly integrate Futurex solutions into existing infrastructure for streamlined operations.

Ongoing Support
Access continuous support and maintenance services to maximize the effectiveness of Futurex solutions.

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"Our specialists chose Futurex due to two reasons; the experience and the support offered. The support is one of the best value-added services of Futurex..."



Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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