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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.


Next-generation unified encryption platform

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Enterprise Cryptography On-Demand

Traditional cryptographic security often involves acquiring multiple products from different vendors, costly professional services, and lengthy deployment cycles. Instead of buying a series of HSMs that increase cost and management complexity, CryptoHub provides a solution.

CryptoHub stands out as the most powerful and versatile cryptographic platform in the industry. Built on Futurex's BAM (Base Architecture Model), our intelligent common code base powers the industry’s fastest development and innovation capabilities. Adaptability for every cryptographic use case that ensures interoperability across your entire cryptographic estate.

CryptoHub’s intuitive wizard-driven dashboard allows you to deploy virtual cryptographic modules for payment and general-purpose encryption, enterprise key management, PKI and CA, and infrastructure management on demand.

Use Cases

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

  • Payment HSM
  • General purpose HSM
  • Cloud HSM
  • Crypto orchestration and management

Enterprise Cloud Key Management

  • Advanced Key Lifecycle
  • Cloud key management
  • Payment key management
  • Key distribution

PKI and Certificate Authority

  • Offline root CA
  • Issuing CA
  • Code signing
  • IoT CA

Data Protection

  • Transparent Data Protection
  • Application Encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Database TDE
"It’s not often that I come across a true game changer in the data encryption market ...a departure from traditional multi-vendor strategies, CryptoHub emerges as the industry's first genuine single-platform solution, promising seamless integration and unparalleled efficiency in safeguarding sensitive information."


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Secure Deployment Anywhere

Highly versatile cloud, on-premises, or hybrid model

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Deploy the CryptoHub Central 2U appliance in your own environment.

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Virtual Appliance

CryptoHub deployed as a virtual container, on-premises, or in the cloud.

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CryptoHub Cloud

SaaS deployed in Futurex datacenters, backed by Futurex HSMs.

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Powerful Use Case Benefits


Service-oriented architecture

Functional modules leverage the combined power of the Futurex solution suite. You can access any cryptographic functionality on-demand rather than acquiring a series of HSMs.


Infrastructure consolidation

Integrate with or replace existing infrastructure. HSMs, key management, PKI and CA, and crypto management coalesce within CryptoHub.


Reduced cost of ownership

Ground-breaking licensing model allows organizations to add only the modules they need at scale. Consolidate infrastructure and eliminate the need for siloed, hardware-centric buildouts.


Dynamic functionality modes

Control, alerting, monitoring, high availability, load balancing, virtual orchestration, automation, and more from a single console.

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Data center and cloud services optimized

Multitenancy combined with full HSM functionality is ideal for service providers to deploy incremental or full enterprise solutions easily.


Streamlined integrations

All major APIs and SDKs are supported: RESTful, Java, OpenSSL, PKCS #11, MS CNG, and more. Application providers get a secure code environment to run their code within CryptoHub.

Enterprise HSMs, Key Management, PKI & CA, Data Protection

Encryption solutions for every use case

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Premium Enterprise Offerings

Scalability, performance, and resiliency without the upfront cost


Monitoring and Alerting

Real-time monitoring and instant alerting solutions for peace of mind and quick resolution


Disaster Recovery

Seamless disaster recovery built in to safeguard your operations

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Data Syncing

Efficient data syncing tools for synchronized workflows across systems


Dynamic Licensing Model

Flexibility and improved ROI through dynamic licensing models tailored to your needs

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Automatic Failover

Reliable automatic failover mechanisms for uninterrupted operations


Network Bonding

Enhanced performance with network bonding technologies for seamless connectivity and throughout

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