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Check out the CryptoHub press release.


Get even more out of our technology solutions

futurex partner program

Become a Futurex partner

At Futurex, we’re always expanding our customer reach both domestically and internationally. To that end, we partner with organizations that drive market penetration and revenue growth by securing customer data with Futurex technology solutions.

Global partnerships welcome and encouraged.
Futurex’s partners operate in six continents worldwide.

Partner Focus

As a Futurex Partner, you can sell our entire line of compliant-ready products and solutions. With a diverse range of product and service offerings spanning hardware security modules (HSMs), enterprise key management, and cloud cryptographic services, our technology can meet the complex needs of your global customers.

Additional Benefits

  • Product discounts
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Use of Futurex brand materials
  • Access to our partner portal
  • And much more!

Partner Relationships

Becoming a Futurex customer can be the first step in a long, mutually advantageous business relationship. The Futurex partner ecosystem is a diverse network of manufacturers, service providers, SaaS vendors, and other security-focused businesses that specialize in technologies and services that rely on Futurex solutions.

Futurex partner relationships often result in expanded functionality for your organization’s services and products, enabling you to pursue new markets and build a mutual awareness through co-marketing initiatives. What kind of partner relationship best suits your organization?

Channel Partners for Hardware and Cloud

  • Referral partners cooperate with Futurex sales representatives
  • Distributors work with multiple resellers
  • Resellers serve as consultants, systems integrators, and service providers for their customers

Channel Partners for Professional Services

  • Providers of professional services
    • Environmental design
    • Architecture
    • Deployment
    • Training

OEM Partners

  • Application or hardware providers that bundle Futurex hardware or cloud services with their own offering
  • Examples: payment applications requiring HSMs, cloud service providers

Strategic Alliances

  • Major initiatives requiring substantial involvement and input from many stakeholders and contributors across the organization
  • Often result in new products or services

Technology Partners

  • Applications and cloud services that support HSM integration for offloading private key storage, encrypting sensitive data, and other crypto tasks
global network of technology and channel partners

Global Network of Technology and Channel Partners

Futurex teams up with innovative technology and channel partners from around the world providing advanced data security solutions and services for general-purpose and specialized use cases. Learn about becoming a Futurex partner today.

What does a partnership with Futurex involve?


Big Picture Benefits

Futurex provides pre and post-sales support that lets our partners focus on the big picture, not on technical hurdles. Our VirtuCrypt cloud allows proof-of-concept testing to happen in days rather than weeks or months. Our CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms deliver an interoperable product suite that leads the market in power, flexibility, and function.

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An Agile Way to do Business

Becoming a technology partner with Futurex helps you make more per sale and close deals faster. This is thanks to the flexibility of Futurex’s solution suite, with fast deployment, virtual test environments, and all-encompassing functionality.


ROI through Integration

Our solutions are available on-premises, in the cloud, and as hybrid deployments. Access them through vendor-neutral APIs for easy integration with any system. Integrating Futurex solutions with existing infrastructure creates revenue-generating opportunities by packaging in encryption and key management services. It increases the ROI of customers’ crypto infrastructure and offers more ways to enter new customer environments.

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Innovation and Cooperation

Futurex brings a forward-looking, entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record of getting customer-focused projects to market quickly to each strategic alliance. We pride ourselves on innovation and enjoy sharing that with technology partners.

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An Expansive Network

Futurex maintains a vast partner network spanning every continent on the globe. Our channel partners and technology partners operate in a range of industries spanning IT, payments, security, and software development.

Our Partners have Several Things in Common


Mission focused

Futurex partners tend to specialize. They are aware of their core competencies and leverage them to great effect.


Technical expertise

Our partners have solid representation on both the business and technical sides of their organization.



Futurex fosters a culture of commitment and looks for values like these in its partners. Our partners lead with Futurex when we demonstrate a compelling value proposition. We look for partners that intend to hunt new business opportunities.

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Network security meets network building

Futurex brings a global network of contacts to each partnership. We always seek to expand our partner network and like it when our partners have a similar drive.

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Enterprising outlook

Futurex fuels its innovation with an enterprising company culture. Our partners tend to take take the initiative but also know when to escalate to Futurex for advice and direction.

24x7x365 Xceptional Support

For each of our partners, Futurex commits to doing whatever it takes to ensure you have the best experience and support possible for your customers. We believe that providing world-class support and service for our partners and customers is critical to being a leading provider of innovative data security solutions.

Our trained Xceptional Support experts provide solutions to questions about regulatory requirements, implement complex system integrations, and offer best practices for all aspects of data security.

24x7x365 xceptional support
“We have a longstanding relationship with Futurex built on collaboration and innovation. As a technology partner, our development teams collaborate to provide one of the most simplified integrations.”​


- Ingenico

Enterprise Data Encryption solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.
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