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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Cryptographic Architecture

The most reliable, efficient, and scalable infrastructure, built on Futurex's Base Architecture Model

cryptographic architecture

Future-proof Crypto Infrastructure

Futurex devices share a common code base called the Base Architecture Model (BAM). The BAM ensures interoperability and avoids the problems of fragmented security ecosystems. This shared code base is the backbone of all Futurex products and is the foundation of the CryptoHub platform’s performance, stability, and security. It enables our solutions to communicate seamlessly, synchronize feature updates, and smoothly integrate with third-party applications.


Futurex products offer FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated security and are classified as secure cryptographic devices (SCD). Futurex technology secures data integrity at every endpoint. Reduce your security exposure from multiple vendor solutions and exponential third-party integrations by streamlining your HSM and cryptographic solutions to a single platform.


Upgrades to legacy and multi-vendor systems are more than inconvenient – they can be thoroughly unfeasible. The stability of the Futurex platform enables you to deploy new CryptoHub modules and Futurex products across your entire infrastructure rapidly, efficiently, and without the need for compatibility testing to sustain security and interoperability with multiple vendors.

Total System Control

The Futurex platform offers user-defined parameters for intelligent monitoring and alerting across the managed devices within your cryptographic infrastructure. Futurex technology offers robust security and centralized management. This allows for a highly available, redundant, and alert system that keeps you aware of every aspect of your infrastructure.

Testing and Development

Reduce your time to market by using HSM virtualization as part of your testing, development, and rapid prototyping workflow. Features such as HSM cloning and cross-region replication let you quickly share resources and configuration templates across your enterprise.

cryptographic architecture diagram



Reliable architecture

IT infrastructures need stability, and that’s precisely what the BAM provides. Because we test any update to one product for quality assurance across the entire code base instead of the individual device, the risks associated with feature updates disappear in favor of a reliable, future-proof system.


Easy configuration and use

You can easily configure and deploy our solutions, built on the Base Architectural Model, with a user-friendly GUI and a smooth installation experience. Save time on scheduling backups, cloning device profiles, and managing keys through our easy-to-use management portal.


Custom development ease

Futurex can develop and implement custom projects for your production environment. Our custom work is cost-effective and standards-compliant. To make each project successful, Futurex follows an implementation process that provides deliverables tailored to your business.

Futurex's Base Architecture Model Deep Dive

futurex base architecture model (FBAM)

Base Architecture Model

Futurex gives you a single-source solution for comprehensive cryptographic infrastructure protection. All Futurex devices share BAM’s common code base, enabling seamless updates across the entire platform without system downtime or reconfiguration. Avoid the hassle of restructuring for increased processing power, storage, or functionality.

The Industry’s Most Versatile Data Security Platform

Our platform offers a cohesive collection of data security solutions tailored to enterprises of any industry, size, or requirement. Unified by a common code base, it eliminates the need for fragmented or multi-vendor setups. It provides a comprehensive cryptographic architecture, from key management to data encryption to secure storage.

industry's most versatile data security platform
futurex signed certificates

Futurex-signed Certificates

Managing a PKI to establish mutually authenticated, encrypted connections between your HSMs and key management servers is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Futurex simplifies this process to one click, with customer-specific certificates pre-loaded on all our products. This way, your Futurex devices can securely communicate with each other straight out of the box, with no cumbersome configuration required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futurex's Base Architecture Model?

The data security industry is undergoing rapid changes. Outdated encryption technology can be the downfall of an infrastructure, no matter how secure it may have once been. Each day, criminals develop new ways of bypassing security measures and stealing sensitive and confidential data. Systems administrators charged with protecting their organization’s information must be able to rely on their security infrastructure to protect their sensitive data.

Futurex’s CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms protect the data of some of the largest Tier-1 organizations in the world. One of the keys to the platform’s continued success is the common code found in all Futurex devices, known as the Base Architecture Model. Through this model, Futurex can add new features across all products, expedite coding, development, and quality assurance testing, and develop new products faster, providing our customers quicker access to the technology they need to defend their infrastructures successfully.

What is Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform?

Systems administrators are tasked with the critical responsibility of keeping their organization’s sensitive data secure from compromise and theft. The technology that network administrators select to defend their infrastructures must be secure, scalable, and versatile, and organizations must be able to place absolute confidence in the technology they employ. As criminals develop new means of stealing sensitive information, data encryption technology must stay ahead of the curve.

Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is a collection of advanced data security solutions that operate together to produce a result far beyond the sum of its parts. The platform combines numerous hardware-based encryption devices, including hardware security modules (HSMs), key management servers, remote management and configuration devices, and certificate authority servers, to protect every aspect of an organization’s infrastructure.

The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform remains the most versatile, scalable, and secure platform employed by many Tier-1 customers in various industries across the globe, in part because of the common code and functionality base it utilizes. This common code base, known as the Futurex Base Architecture Model, allows Futurex to provide customers with expedited access to the first-rate technology needed to secure their infrastructures.

How does Futurex's Base Architecture Model relate to the CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms?

Futurex's Base Architecture Model is the common code and functionality base found in all Futurex cryptographic devices. “Common code and functionality base” refers to the portion of the code that all products share or have in common. Through this model, Futurex delivers faster turnaround time for innovations, improvements, emerging developments, and new products, giving Futurex customers expedited access to first-class technology.

How are the CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms features enhanced over time?

As the data security industry advances and changes, so do the CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms. New features, updates, and functionality improvements are continuously added to further develop the functionality and usability of the individual devices.

Futurex's Base Architecture Model allows these new features to be seamlessly replicated in all future device releases and all other technology in the product line. This accelerated feature development ensures optimal quality in all devices that work tirelessly to combat new threats and increase ease of use for systems administrators.

For example, Futurex devices can utilize principles of dual-factor authentication to further increase device security and authentication procedures. When logging into a Futurex device, users must enter a username and password combination and present a smart card with matching credentials. Using this system, if a thief acquires an employee’s smart card, the thief cannot log into the device without the correct username and password. Likewise, if an employee’s username and password become compromised, access will not be granted without the corresponding smart card.

This feature was initially developed for Futurex’s RKMS (Remote Key Management Server) Series 3. Through Futurex's Base Architecture Model, this new feature was seamlessly replicated in all future releases of the other devices in the CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms without manually updating each device separately. These new features will also be included in all new technology that Futurex develops in the future. This allows customers to have expedited access to the most secure technology on the market.

What is the graphical user interface of Futurex devices like?

One of the most essential requirements of any device is usability. Encryption devices are vital to any data security infrastructure, so the device must be easy to use and should not require lengthy or complex employee training. These factors will contribute to a more overall productive environment.

All Futurex devices have a similar graphical user interface. Toolbars, options, and features common to all products are located in the same place on each device. This design significantly reduces the time dedicated to training employees to use devices and increases the ease with which employees can use multiple devices. Each device in the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform has a toolbar on the left side of the screen containing all of the options available on that device. Tabs such as Configuration, Users, Logs, Reports, and Templates are universal to all Futurex devices. These tabs all serve the same function and offer the same additional options when clicked on.

The remaining tabs in each toolbar are unique to each device and will vary from product to product. This organizational style contributes to a more productive work environment because systems administrators do not have to waste unnecessary time searching for the desired option.

What if my organization requires custom development initiatives?

Futurex specializes in custom development projects, frequently designing new features to meet the unique needs of customers all over the world. Futurex’s Solutions Architects will meet with the customer to evaluate their infrastructure to design a new solution that satisfies their requirements. Once the solution has been built and tested, the Solutions Architect will go on-site with the customer to implement the solution, train the staff on its use, and provide any additional assistance needed along the way.

However, once these features have been developed and incorporated into the CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms, they can be made available in future releases of the device, granting other potential customers the ability to take advantage of these additional features.

Futurex's Base Architecture Model allows features or developments to be easily distributed across the entire suite of products, eliminating the need to incorporate changes into each device manually. If another customer decides they want or need access to a specific feature, providing this access can be as simple as flipping a switch or checking off a box within the device.

Why Futurex's Base Architecture Model, CryptoHub, and Hardened Enterprise Security Platform?

The data security industry is constantly evolving. The sensitive information that companies are responsible for must be protected, and in order to do so, organizations require proven and trusted data encryption hardware.

The combination of an easy-to-use graphical user interface, expedited quality assurance testing and coding, and accelerated feature development guarantees that Futurex customers will always have access to the most secure, scalable, and versatile technology available.

The CryptoHub and Hardened Enterprise Security Platforms are used worldwide by Tier 1 organizations in every industry, and Futurex's Base Architecture Model ensures the platform’s continued success in the years to come.

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