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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Secure Code Signing

Futurex offers a robust digital signing platform for secure code signing and certificate management.

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Hardware-backed, World-class Protection

In an era where software supply chain attacks are escalating, hardware-backed code signing is crucial in safeguarding against malicious code alterations. Futurex’s CryptoHub leverages advanced HSM technology to provide unparalleled security, ensuring that your code remains authentic and tamper-free, thereby protecting the integrity of your software development lifecycle.

Use Cases

Hardware-backed Security

Futurex's next-gen KMES Series 3 FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified HSMs securely store and manage intellectual property like code signing certificates. Offering both on-premises and cloud solutions, Futurex facilitates certificate management and workflow refinement through a comprehensive, turnkey approach, ensuring the highest level of security and integrity for executable files and applications.

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IoT Security

Futurex facilitates robust IoT security by cryptographically signing IoT firmware and software that enhances protection against unauthorized modifications. By leveraging its advanced HSMs and key management systems, Futurex ensures the integrity and authenticity of IoT devices. This not only secures IoT devices but also supports a secure ecosystem for all IoT applications.

On-demand Code Signing

Futurex's on-demand code signing service enables secure access to certificates for digital code signing. This ensures that developers can reliably sign their code whenever needed and enhance the integrity of their software applications. By streamlining and securing on-demand code signing, Futurex helps establish software integrity in a fast-paced development environment with accelerated software release cycles.

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Why Futurex?

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More than Code Signing

Apart from secure code signing, Futurex's KMES Series 3 helps in a wide range of cryptographic processes like key management, data protection, and digital signing.


Non-disrupted DevOps

Futurex's code signing solution seamlessly fit into DevOps environments without interrupting any development and deployment workflows.

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Integration with Code Management Tools

Futurex's code signing solution easily integrates with popular tools like Java Jar Signer, Microsoft Authenticode, and Jenkins for streamlining development workflows across platforms.


Secure Blockchain Integration

Futurex's code signing solution offers advanced blockchain-based timestamping, message, and document signing capabilities that ensures the highest level of security and integrity for digital assets.


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Intellectual property protection

Code signing, backed by a hardware security module (HSM) and PKI, safeguards intellectual property, such as executables, ensuring their integrity and authenticity.


Enhanced security

Implement strong cryptographic algorithms and digital signatures to protect software integrity and prevent unauthorized modifications, ensuring secure and reliable software distribution.


Trust establishment with PKI

Utilizing PKI, code signing generates digital signatures, fostering trust and verification of the software's authenticity, enhancing security across deployment environments.


Reputation protection

Protect your organization's reputation by signing software with trusted digital certificates, reassuring users and customers that the software comes from a legitimate source and has not been tampered with.


Secure software distribution

Facilitate secure software distribution across various platforms and channels, including web downloads, app stores, and software repositories, ensuring safe and reliable access for end-users.

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Prevention of tampering and counterfeiting

Code signing prevents and detects code tampering or counterfeit alterations, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the software throughout its lifecycle.


Compliance reporting

Maintain detailed records and audit trails of code signing activities, including signing certificates, timestamps, and signer identities, to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


Versatile signature generation methods

Our solution offers support for multiple code signing methods, including Microsoft Authenticode (.exe/.dll), Java, and general signature generation, accommodating diverse development environments and requirements.

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Seamless integration with CI/CD tools

Our integrations with leading CI/CD companies and code signing tools like Java and codesigner ensure smooth adoption without disrupting the development workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Featured Resources

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Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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