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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Application Encryption

Proactively encrypt your most critical data

application encryption

Proactive Encryption of Enterprise Data

Encrypt data at the application layer with Futurex's CryptoHub and full suite of products for comprehensive, streamlined security. This solution effectively secures sensitive information by encrypting it within the application itself, eliminating clear-text exposure and the necessity for additional encryption platforms. With this approach, organizations can ensure robust data protection without compromising on efficiency or scalability.

Organizations face security risks when managing encryption keys within applications or relying on vulnerable software-based storage solutions. Futurex solutions are equipped with FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant hardware security modules and streamline key management for multiple applications. Through a unified interface, it ensures secure distribution and long-term storage, enhancing overall data security.

Enterprise-grade Security

Futurex's application encryption integrates advanced cryptographic capabilities into an organization's applications for secure data protection. The CryptoHub ensures robust key management and encryption, meeting industry standards, and easily integrates with the rest of your cryptographic infrastructure.

Trusted Compliance

Enterprise organizations, especially in finance and healthcare, must comply with standards like PCI DSS for payment data and HIPAA for patient information. To save time and costs on compliance audits and maintenance, implementing encryption is crucial, as it renders data unreadable and satisfies numerous compliance requirements.

Application Integration

Futurex's API allows precise customization of application encryption, targeting only sensitive files or data to minimize system performance impact. The CryptoHub offers flexible automation options based on security policies. Integration involves the CryptoHub's API in endpoint applications, supporting diverse languages with TCP/IP or web services (RESTful) API.

Key Groups/Classes

Centralized key management with CryptoHub ensures secure access control through customizable user management and multi-factor authentication. Key grouping organizes access, adhering to the principle of least privilege. This is especially useful in multi-application infrastructures, allowing distribution based on destination applications and diverse key management needs.

Key Rotation

Admins have flexibility in the CryptoHub, choosing key distribution algorithms and configuring automated key rotation based on expiration dates or custom orders. The system accommodates varying levels of automation, giving applications control over user interaction.

Key Management for Client-side Encryption

Some organizations may choose application encryption for client-side encryption, depending on throughput needs. In this model, the CryptoHub handles key management, while the application layer manages data encryption. This approach is advantageous for high-throughput environments, as it optimizes processing resources, allowing the CryptoHub to focus solely on key management without requiring additional hardware.


An important security feature of the CryptoHub platform is its robust set of permission settings, which allow administrators to configure high levels of customizations for both users, keys, and various other cryptographic objects. This allows administrators to dictate precisely which users can access certain keys or objects.

Encrypted Data Structures

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NIST-standard data integrity

Futurex streamlines integration using NIST-standard format-preserving encryption (FPE) using the FF1 algorithm, allowing seamless incorporation of encrypted information without altering existing databases.


Data headers

Futurex's API enables administrators to customize data encryption, including metadata-rich headers. Users can choose to include these headers in encrypted output based on organizational preferences, considering resource availability or proprietary metadata.

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Independent metadata

The CryptoHub API lets users exclude non-sensitive metadata from encryption, reducing stored encrypted data and optimizing resources. Users can selectively encrypt essential information, minimizing the encrypted footprint.

Use cases


Global Management with CryptoHub

Application Encryption is easy with CryptoHub; encompassing HSMs, key management, cryptography, and cloud services. Built on the Futurex Base Architecture Model for interoperability, it includes centralized management via Guardian Series 3, streamlining system monitoring, disaster recovery, redundancy, administration, and alerts through a unified interface.

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Device Clustering

Guardian clusters CryptoHub devices for fault tolerance in complex data ecosystems, ensuring seamless transaction handling. A remote load-balanced CryptoHub device guarantees uninterrupted operations during unit failures or disasters.

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Masterless Peering secures Futurex device data through key replication across categories: Primary (automatic config), Temporary Primary (backup), Production (active transactions on sync), and Backup (transactions during production device unavailability). Multiple devices can be added to each category for enhanced data reliability.


Remote Management

Futurex's Guardian 3 application encryption platform offers superior remote access. The web-management portal enables efficient oversight of cryptographic infrastructure. The Excrypt Touch, a high-security tablet, streamlines configuration and management of Futurex devices, reducing operational time.


Keys and Cryptographic Objects

Manage user access and key permissions. Grant access to a key group by providing Manage Key permission and specifying key group access for the user group. Default rights: full for key group owner and admin group, none for other user groups.

Flexible Communication Methods

Client-based API – PKCS #11

PKCS #11 integrates HSMs, automates cryptographic tasks, and enables seamless application encryption deployment.

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Client-based API – Java

CryptoHub fully supports Java's security API, empowering client apps with robust encryption features like digital signatures.

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Clientless API – REST

Deploy CryptoHub's REST API for seamless encryption in web and cloud apps, supporting efficient stateless transactions.

Clientless API – KMIP

KMIP, an OASIS standard, enhances key management with CryptoHub's secure TLS encryption server. 

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"By deploying Futurex devices, Ecentric will be the first payments provider in Africa to deploy ‘point-to-point’ encryption (P2PE), thereby establishing the strongest protection possible... P2PE will provide a competitive advantage and is a major step forward in assisting our customers..."


- Hassen Sheik, CEO


Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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