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Check out the CryptoHub press release.


Futurex’s next-gen key management solutions help you create a robust CA and PKI ecosystem to secure your entire IoT network.

iot certificate authority (CA)

IoT CA Solutions

Futurex’s IoT CA ensures secure certificate issuance and management for IoT devices, facilitating trusted communication and maintaining device integrity. This solution supports scalable deployment and management of certificates, enhancing security across your IoT ecosystem. With Futurex, organizations can confidently protect their IoT devices from unauthorized access and ensure reliable operation.

Use Cases

Securing IoT Communications

Futurex’s IoT security solutions leverage PKI-based authentication and comprehensive data encryption to help organizations secure diverse connected devices. This approach ensures endpoint security, safeguards IoT data, and enforces security policies across the entire IoT networks, protecting them against malware, ransomware attacks, and other cybersecurity risks.

securing iot communications
securing iot devices

Securing IoT Devices

Futurex helps IoT device manufacturers secure their devices using digital certificates and establishing a robust public key infrastructure (PKI) for device authentication. Using Futurex's advanced FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated key management servers, IoT manufacturers can efficiently manage device lifecycles, ensuring that each device is securely signed and trustworthy.

Key Lifecycle Management

Futurex offers comprehensive key lifecycle management for IoT devices ensuring comprehensive security through strong encryption, authentication, and continuous monitoring. This includes securely managing the cryptographic keys and certificates across all lifecycle stages, such as initial loading, remote updates, and secure disposal. This allows IoT manufacturers to secure and control their IoT devices efficiently throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing to end-of-life.

key lifecycle management
object signing

Object Signing

Futurex's object signing solution seamlessly integrates into critical systems and provides a robust package for establishing secure, authenticated IoT networks. Its scalability and ability to perform bulk operations for keys and certificates makes it ideal for large-scale IoT device manufacturing, covering everything from code signing to traffic encryption. With cohesive support for various key distribution protocols, Futurex eliminates the need for device reconfiguration during key updates.

Why Futurex?

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Futurex’s IoT solutions can be quickly deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup helping your organization strengthen its security posture across diverse environments.

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Advanced Key Management

Futurex’s advanced KMES Series 3 helps organizations generate public encryption key pairs, establish PKI, and enterprise CA to digitally sign objects.


Zero Downtime

Futurex's Guardian Series 3 helps organizations with seamless IoT connectivity and management, ensuring centralized control, real-time monitoring, and efficient load balancing without any implementation downtime.


Unparalleled Scalability

Futurex’s common code base and device-agnostic API help you integrate them seamlessly into your existing IoT ecosystem helping you scale up or down as per your organization’s evolving needs.



Streamlined certificate issuance

Regardless of the device type, our IoT Certificate Authority provides uniform device signing functionality, simplifying deployment and management processes and ensuring consistent security measures across the IoT ecosystem.


Scalable infrastructure support

With extensive experience in diverse device types including payment devices, communication devices, and other IoT widgets, our solution offers consistent functionality and reliable device signing capabilities across various device categories, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability.


Compliance assurance

Simplify compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR by utilizing a robust IoT Certificate Authority solution.


Enhanced device security

Secure IoT device communication with strong cryptographic protocols and centralized certificate management, reducing the risk of cyber threats.

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Flexibility in certificate management

Futurex's IoT Certificate Authority establishes a secure connection to each endpoint device, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality in IoT communications and enhancing overall network security.

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Seamless integration

Integrate IoT Certificate Authority seamlessly into existing IoT infrastructure, ensuring interoperability and minimizing disruptions.


Mutual authentication with PKI

Our Certificate-based PKI enables mutual authentication between Cryptohub and devices, verifying identities and ensuring secure communication channels, providing robust protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

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Automated certificate lifecycle management

Automate certificate issuance, renewal, and revocation processes, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring up-to-date device security.


Comprehensive audit trail

Maintain a detailed audit trail of certificate-related activities for compliance purposes and forensic analysis, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Featured Resources

"10,000+ devices signed per batch, 5-9's availability, live-production, 3-month deployment supporting a multi-national, three continent scope. Solution supports hundreds of millions of manufactured IoT devices per year."


- Case Study "Enterprise CA, IoT for High Volume Manufacturing"

Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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