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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Crypto Orchestration and Management

Futurex’s single-pane-of-glass solution for orchestrating, managing, and monitoring an organization’s entire HSM network.

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Manage Everything Crypto from Anywhere Worldwide

Futurex's Crypto Orchestration and Management solution offers comprehensive remote management capabilities, streamlining the administration of cryptographic operations. It ensures the secure handling of encryption keys and processes, enhancing operational efficiency and security. This solution supports centralized control, auditing, and compliance, making it ideal for organizations seeking to manage their cryptographic infrastructure effectively and remotely.

Use Cases

Automatic Synchronization Across Devices

Ensure automatic synchronization of keys, certificates, and configuration settings across various client devices. This helps streamline security management, reduce manual errors, and maintain uniform policies, enhancing operational efficiency and data protection for organizations managing multiple endpoints.

automatic synchronization across devices
remote configuration and key loading

Remote Configuration and Key Loading

Facilitates centralized management and distribution of cryptographic keys and device settings from a secure, remote location. This significantly enhances operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, reduces the need for physical travel to data centers, and ensures rapid deployment and updates across distributed networks.

Automated Alerting and Monitoring

Get a fully automated monitoring and alerting system that proactively oversees the health and security of the entire cryptographic infrastructure, identifying potential issues before they escalate. This enhances operational reliability, ensures continuous compliance, and minimizes downtime by sending instant alerts for immediate remedial actions.

automated alerting and monitoring

Why Futurex?


Efficient Cryptographic Management

Futurex’s web-based management dashboard helps you efficiently manage all Futurex devices from a single pane of glass.


Remote Management

Easily configure and manage all devices remotely eliminating the need for manually transferring key components in data centers.

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Enhanced System Redundancy

Enables full system redundancy with peering and automated failover by automatically redistributing transaction loads for on-premises and cloud infrastructure.


Simplified Updates and Audits

Instantly apply changes and conduct log audits from a central location of all Futurex devices spread across multiple data centers.

Crypto Orchestration and Management Products

cryptohub enterprise cryptography on demand


Enterprise Cryptography On-Demand

CryptoHub stands out as the most powerful and versatile cryptographic platform in the industry. Built on Futurex's BAM (Base Architecture Model), our intelligent common code base powers the industry’s fastest development and innovation capabilities. Adaptability for every cryptographic use case that ensures interoperability across your entire cryptographic estate.

guardian series 3 centralized management server

Guardian Series 3

Comprehensive Cryptographic Infrastructure Management

The Guardian Series 3 streamlines cryptographic management via a web dashboard, enabling remote grouping and management of Futurex devices into clusters. It integrates with VirtuCrypt cloud, offering easy management of both cloud and on-premises HSMs. Customizable settings, seamless peering, and centralized auditing eliminates physical data center visits, simplifying enterprise HSM management.

excrypt touch HSM tablet

Excrypt Touch

Manage Cryptography Worldwide From the Palm of Your Hand

Excrypt Touch facilitates global management of Futurex devices through its intuitive screen-based interface, enabling remote deployment, configuration, and key loading. Its user-friendly GUI simplifies cryptographic key creation, loading, and storage. Compliant with major standards, it ensures FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified security, streamlining cryptographic operations with ease and compliance.



Virtual HSM orchestration

Easily cluster on-premises or cloud HSMs into user-defined groups with customizable management settings.


Instant device peering

Automatically share data between all connected devices across data centers and cloud environments.


PKI-based remote management

Remotely configure keys, generate cryptograms, and enable dual-factor authentication with Futurex devices via smart cards.


High availability and disaster recovery

Centrally manage all connected Futurex devices across multiple backup and disaster recovery sites.

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Hybrid deployment

Rapidly deploy the HSMs in diverse locations, such as on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid ecosystem.

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Accurate logging

Consolidate data logs from all connected devices in a central location with automatic distribution functionality.

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“That's a true version of state of the art technology which simplifies implementation and management, be it remote management or local management.”


- Adil Rahat, Sales and Operations Manager

VeriSafe, LLC

Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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