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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Issuing CA

Futurex helps you seamlessly protect your issuing CA to ensure that the root CA processes only valid certificate requests.

issuing certificate authority (CA)

Issuing CA Solutions

Futurex’s issuing CA provides secure issuance and management of digital certificates, ensuring trusted identities for applications, devices, and users. This solution supports compliance with industry standards and enhances security by enabling robust certificate lifecycle management. With Futurex, organizations can establish a reliable and secure framework for digital identities, facilitating secure communication and authentication.

Use Cases

Secure Digital Communications

Futurex helps you secure your Issuing CA to ensure that your organization’s digital communications are authenticated and encrypted. This mitigates the risk of fraud and data breaches, and seamlessly maintains the integrity and confidentiality of digital communications across networks.

secure digital communications
key lifecycle management

Key Lifecycle Management

With its robust issuance policy capabilities, Futurex's issuing CA solution facilitates key lifecycle management. It seamlessly manages key issuance, renewal, and revocation, giving organizations granular control across diverse parameters such as geographic location, business unit, subnet, and domain. Additionally, it also automates the key lifecycle management process, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall cryptographic efficiency.

Superior Third-party Integration

Futurex's KMES Series 3 expertly integrates with third-party tools like HashiCorp Vault and Venafi TPP, offering enhanced functionality. Through the HashiCorp Vault, it enables secure management of sensitive elements, such as PKCS #12 passwords to ensure data integrity. And leveraging Venafi TPP, it automates certificate lifecycle management, streamlines renewal processes, and provides detailed reporting for audit purposes.

certificate authority third party integrations
secure online channels

Secure Online Channels

By securing your issuing CA, Futurex helps your organization establish secure communication channels such as SSL/TLS for websites and ensures that the online data is cohesively protected from interception or tampering. This enhances data privacy and establishes a trusted digital environment for users.

Why Futurex?


Centralized Management

Futurex's all-in-one box solution streamlines your crypto infrastructure by helping you centrally manage all root CAs from a single console instead of managing multiple root CA instances separately.


Accurate Verification

By integrating a Registration Authority (RA) on a single platform, Futurex ensures that only valid certificate signing requests are processed which boosts security.


Automation and Integration

Futurex’s vendor-neutral APIs facilitate seamless automation and integration with all major third-party applications thereby improving system interoperability.


Hardware-backed Security

Securing the Issuing CA in Futurex’s next-gen FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs help you with robust data protection and regulatory compliance.



Streamlined enterprise-wide authentication

Our Issuing Certificate Authority authenticates workstations across the enterprise, establishing trust and ensuring secure access to resources across diverse environments.


Granular certificate management

Maintain precise control over the lifecycle of digital certificates, including issuance, renewal, revocation, and expiration, ensuring security and compliance with industry standards.


Enhanced security

Implement robust cryptographic protocols and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data and communications, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

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Enhanced certificate management features

Our solution offers advanced features such as managing X.509 Extension Profile permissions, web server RA automation, support for anonymous roles and identities, and comprehensive API commands related to RA functions, providing flexibility and control over certificate management tasks.

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Efficient registration authority process

Incorporating Registration Authority (RA) on the same platform streamlines the process of submitting certificate signing requests, enhancing efficiency by verifying requests and facilitating their issuance, improving overall workflow efficiency.

icon_key lifecycle

Automated workflows

Automate certificate issuance and renewal processes through integrations with existing IT systems and workflows, improving efficiency and reducing manual errors.

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Certificate lifecycle visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility into the status and usage of digital certificates across the organization, facilitating auditing, monitoring, and compliance reporting.


Centralized management

Unlike some products that require a separate Root CA for each instance, our solution allows you to manage multiple Root CAs from a single console, providing scalability and simplifying administration.


Seamless integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with tools like HashiCorp Vault and Venafi TPP, enhancing its capabilities and enabling secure storage of sensitive elements and automated certificate lifecycle management, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative overhead.

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"Thanks to Futurex, we have built great confidence in our daily encryption operations."


- Victor Rigacci, 
Staff DevOps Engineer


Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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