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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Key Management

Secure, scalable key management solutions and services

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Futurex provides the most versatile key management solutions on the market. You can deploy our key management systems as all-in-one-box cryptographic modules, spin up individual cryptographic operations in the VirtuCrypt cloud and combine them with critical infrastructure. Secure key management has never been better.

Key Management Solutions

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Advanced Key Lifecycle

Futurex's advanced key lifecycle management automates key generation, distribution, rotation, and revocation, ensuring robust security and compliance for your cryptographic infrastructure.

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Cloud Key Management

Futurex’s cloud key management securely manages encryption keys across cloud environments, ensuring seamless integration, compliance, and robust protection for your data assets.

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Payment Key Management

Futurex's payment key management ensures secure key generation, distribution, and injection, adhering to PCI DSS and EMV standards.

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Key Distribution

Futurex’s key distribution solutions ensure secure and automated delivery of cryptographic keys, enhancing security and efficiency for diverse applications.

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IoT Key Injection

Futurex’s IoT key injection provides secure and scalable key provisioning for IoT devices, enhancing security throughout the device lifecycle.

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Cryptographic Key Management

Encryption key management servers and key injectors with built-in hardware security modules (HSMs) meet your data security needs. Each hardware security module, by design, is intrusion resistant and surpasses compliance requirements with FIPs 140 2 Level 3-certified data security.

Use Cases

  • Key lifecycle management
  • Certificate authority (CA) for digital signing
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) for strong authentication
  • Remote, automatic key injection and rotation
  • Centralized management of cryptographic keys
  • Support for every key generation algorithm

Key Lifecycle Management

Futurex helps you manage the entire key lifecycle, from key generation, secure key storage, key rotation, and disposal. The centralized management platform enables granular and global automation, and eliminates manual effort.

  • Supports all major encryption key algorithms
  • Automates key rotation and injection schemes
  • Customize user-level control

Financial Key Management

Futurex key management servers handle both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. They secure private keys, forming the basis for public key infrastructure (PKI) and an offline root certificate authority (CA). This enables mutual authentication between devices and users. The private keys of the offline root CA are secured by FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified HSMs.

  • Optimize your cryptographic infrastructure with offline root and issuing CAs
  • Create a PKI for digital authentication
  • Manage encryption keys from a central, intuitive GUI

Cloud Key Management

Manufacturers of connected devices need large-scale key distribution to secure data during production and deployment. Futurex offers a hardware-based key distribution platform through the VirtuCrypt cloud service. A user-friendly interface allows for flexible customization and to-the-nth-degree scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a key management service (KMS)?

A key management service (KMS) is a managed solution that simplifies the creation and control of cryptographic keys that are used to protect your enterprise’s data. Futurex key management services provide a secure, functional platform for businesses to create and manage these different keys and certificates all in one convenient location. Users can store, delete, and keep track of existing keys and certificates as well as generate new keys and certificates as needed.

What is the Key Management Enterprise Server (KMES) Series 3?

The Key Management Enterprise Server (KMES) Series 3 is a scalable and versatile solution for managing keys, certificates, and other cryptographic objects. Built around Futurex’s cryptographic technology, the KMES’s modular system architecture provides a custom solution to fulfill the unique needs of organizations across a wide range of industries. Full integration with Futurex’s solution suite enables the KMES to support unparalleled functionality expansion options as well as full management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificate authority (CA).

Simply put, the KMES Series 3 is Futurex’s Enterprise-Class Key & Certificate Management Platform offering lifecycle Management, robust user permissions, and full automatic capabilities.

How does Futurex’s key management service provide enterprise automation capabilities?

  • As an enterprise-class product, the KMES manages large quantities of keys, certificates, and other cryptographic objects in a stream-lined and automated way.
  • Define automatic expiration rules to remove and replace keys, algorithms, and protocols on a user-defined schedule, without traveling to a data center.
  • Set automatic alerts to monitor the status of your enterprise key and certificate infrastructure.

What next-generation features are offered with the Key Management Enterprise Server?

  • AFull key and certificate lifecycle management
  • Enterprise certificate and registration
  • Authority turnkey application encryption
  • Remote key management for ATM and point of sale
  • Robust user and group permission system
  • Vaultless tokenization

How versatile is the functionality of the KMES Series 3?

  • Supports mutual authentication under a trusted root certificate to establish a trusted PKI among all infrastructure components
  • Generates and manages self-signed certificates necessary to establish a trusted PKI
  • Simplifies object management through custom userdefined attributes and key group format cloning for replication of data structures

What are the EMV Certificate Authority (CA) details?

  • All major card brands supported
  • Supports EMVCo-compliant self-signed issuer certificate creation
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant
  • ANSI X9.2

Can you provide an overview of the KMES Series 3 Key Management Service (KMS)?

Hardened, Enterprise-Class Key & Certificate Management Platform

  • Key and certificate lifecycle management and establishment of an organized PKI
  • User-defined attributes and key group format cloning for replication of data structures
  • Support of tens of millions of cryptographic objects
  • Functionality available for ATM and Point of Sale remote key loading

Enterprise Application Encryption and Data Protection

  • FIPS compliant security for application-based data protection
  • Centrally manage the full key, certificate, and policy lifecycle
  • Easy-to-use architecture simplifies and expedites deployment
  • Segregated key containers create single cryptographic resource pool for multiple applications
  • Web-based workflow management for automation of key lifecycle tasks
  • Standards-based libraries for easy integration: KMIP, C# .NET, Java

Unified Cryptographic Platform

  • Certificate Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA) management on single platform
  • Designed for turnkey implementation
  • Customized audit reports and activity logging

Scalable Integration

  • Nth degree scalability with multiple KMES devices
  • Automatic synchronization of keys and certificates between connected devices
  • Masterless Peering enables high availability architecture

Enterprise Certificate Authority Features

  • Virtually limitless scalability of certificate authorities
  • Supports both CRL, OCSP, and SCEP for certificate status management
  • Extended validation certificates

Registration Authority Features

  • Web-based RA allows certificate signing requests to be submitted by users and validated by an authentication user group
  • Automated e-mail templates for workflow management
  • Custom white labeling for registration authority portal
  • Integration with LDAP for auto-enrollment

Quantum-Safe Hybrid Certificate Authority Solution

  • Simultaneously sign with classical and quantum-safe algorithms, eliminating need to migrate
  • Mitigates the inevitable quantum computing risk

Does the KMES Series 3 integrate with Azure Key Vault?

Yes, the KMES Series 3 integrates fully with Azure Key Vault. View the integration guide for Azure Key Vault here.

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Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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