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Check out the CryptoHub press release.
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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

CryptoHub Key Loading Device (KLD)

Remote encryption and comprehensive key lifecycle management

cryptohub key loading device (KLD)

Effortless Key Loading for Comprehensive Security

Deploy and manage from anywhere, saving on shipping, processes, and management costs. Fully compliant with payment and data regulations, CryptoHub simplifies the process of loading cryptographic keys, ensuring complete protection for sensitive data. With its intuitive interface and streamlined operations, efficiently manage your encryption keys, enhancing data protection without compromising on efficiency or security standards.

Key Loading Simplified
Compliance in a Day, Unlimited Flexibility.

cryptohub advanced key lifecycle

Advanced Key Lifecycle

Empower your security strategy with CryptoHub's advanced key lifecycle management solutions, ensuring seamless generation, storage, rotation, and destruction of cryptographic keys for comprehensive data protection.

Eliminate manual key management processes

  • Centralized platform for global and granular automation
  • Secure key distribution with hardware-based encryption
  • Built-in support for industry compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Supports all major encryption key algorithms
  • Automated key rotation and injection schemes


  • Eliminate manual key management processes
  • Reduce system downtime and manual effort
  • Single platform for all key management needs

Cloud Key Management

Harness the power of CryptoHub's cloud key management capabilities to securely store, manage, and distribute encryption keys across your cloud infrastructure. Manage 3rd party cloud keys in a consolidated system to ensure data security and compliance with ease.

cloud key management


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • External Key Management (EKM) 
  • Client-Side Encryption (CSE) 
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) 
  • Host Your Own Key (HYOK)

Types And Benefits

External Key Management (EKM)

Leverage Futurex's key management solutions seamlessly with Google Cloud EKM, ensuring encryption keys are securely generated, stored, and managed in a dedicated environment. Enhance data privacy, enforce access control, and establish key provenance for enhanced visibility and control.

Client-Side Encryption (CSE)

Rapid deployment and fulfillment, reduced capital and operational expenses, scalability, and high availability are complemented by CSE integration, empowering direct control over encryption keys for enhanced data security. Ideal for privacy-sensitive industries and regulatory compliance mandates.

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

Empower your cloud security with CryptoHub's BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) encryption capabilities. Control your encryption keys to ensure enhanced data protection and regulatory compliance. Seamlessly integrate BYOK into your cloud key management strategy for unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Host Your Own Key (HYOK)

Elevate your cloud security with CryptoHub's Host Your Own Key (HYOK) encryption capabilities. Retain full ownership and control over encryption keys, bolstering data security and regulatory compliance. Seamlessly integrate HYOK into your cloud infrastructure for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

payment key management

Payment Key Management

Safeguard sensitive payment data with CryptoHub's advanced payment key management solutions, designed to meet the stringent requirements of financial regulations and payment processing standards for secure transactions. Easily meet compliance regulations like PCI-PIN v3 requirement 32-9 for fully encrypted key loading.

Key Distribution

Simplify and secure key distribution across your network with CryptoHub's efficient and reliable PCI-compliant key distribution mechanisms. Deploy from any location and scale to hundreds of terminals an hour. CryptoHub’s unique PCI-PIN v3 32-9 compliant encrypted remote key loading ensures that encryption keys are securely delivered to authorized users and devices as needed.

key distribution
icon_data security


Elevate data protection with CryptoHub's advanced key loading mechanisms, enforcing rigorous access controls and encryption protocols. Full FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI HSM, and 256-bit AES encryption standards prevent unauthorized access and ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.



Simplify regulatory adherence leveraging CryptoHub's comprehensive audit and data protection certifications. Including: SOC 1 type II, HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA, TIA 942 Class 4, PCI-DSS, PCI-PIN, PCI P2PE, and TR-39.

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Drive operational success with CryptoHub's 99.999%+ SLAs. Enjoy resilient key loading solutions, leveraging redundant architectures and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous access to encryption keys and meet the demands of your enterprise environment with unmatched reliability.



Optimize system efficiency with CryptoHub's high-speed key loading capabilities, accelerating cryptographic operations to deliver rapid encryption and decryption processes, enhancing overall system performance and responsiveness.



Effortlessly integrate CryptoHub's key management into existing workflows. Compatibility with major encryption keys and seamless integration with Google, AWS, and Azure bolster data security and management capabilities.

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“The upgrade was seamless and involved zero downtime for our customers. We take great comfort in knowing our key injection hardware can scale alongside our rapidly expanding business."


- Anthony Siracuse, CEO


Enterprise Data Encryption Solutions

Futurex provides HSMs and key management servers that handle encryption, bring-your-own-key (BYOK). Futurex helps enterprise organizations deploy a modern cloud data security environment that complies with the latest standards and regulations.

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