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Service Overview: Next Generation Cloud Payment HSMs

VirtuCrypt, Futurex’s cloud hardware security module (HSM) and key management platform, is an award-winning provider of enterprise-class cloud security services. VirtuCrypt...


Integrating Public Clouds with Financial Cloud HSMs

This whitepaper provides an overview of the architecture of financial cloud HSMs and an increasingly popular deployment approach organizations are migrating to – cloud HSMs...


Google Cloud EKM Integration

Google Cloud EKM allows you to create, store, and manage keys in a separate environment from encrypted data, using Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated key management...


Futurex CPoC 360 Service

CPoC is a new compliance standard developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. It stands for “contactless payments on COTS,” where COTS refers to “commercial offthe-shelf”...


Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption

Google Workspace Client-side encryption (coming soon to beta) gives enterprises the ability to encrypt their data before sending it to Google’s servers. Client-side encryption...


Service Overview: Next-Generation Cloud HSMs

VirtuCrypt is Futurex’s award-winning cloud hardware security module (HSM) and key management platform. VirtuCrypt provides cloud-based access to Futurex’s cryptographic...


10 Questions to ask before migrating your payment HSM

Over the past decade, headaches that used to be synonymous with managing your payment HSM have been corrected by industry innovation. Laborious in-person key management can...


How EPX Future-Proofed Their Payment Processing Infrastructure

In 2007, Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) worked with Futurex to deploy a powerful and flexible on-premises cryptographic infrastructure. The international company had recognized...


Securing Data - Business India Magazine Article

Futurex's Ruchin Kumar, Vice President, South Asia, was interviewed by Business India, a leading Indian business magazine. The article, "Securing Data," details Futurex's...


CSU Case Study

CSU contacted Futurex in 2021. In their aim to expand business operations across new markets, they sought to pioneer banking as a service (BaaS) in Brazil. But their legacy...

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