Enterprise Certificate Authority

Digital communication is a staple of the modern business world, and as such, that communication often involves sensitive data. Businesses must protect this data by building...


IoT Security

Whether it be a watch, computer, vehicle, or medical device—consumers and businesses alike benefit from the data sharing, data management, and new-age technologies that...


Vaultless Tokenization - Whitepaper

Tokenization is a method of concealing sensitive data by using random characters as placeholder data. Futurex offers vaultless tokenization, which securely generates reversible...


Google Cloud EKM Integration

Google Cloud EKM allows you to create, store, and manage keys in a separate environment from encrypted data, using Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated key management...


Futurex CPoC 360 Service

CPoC is a new compliance standard developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. It stands for “contactless payments on COTS,” where COTS refers to “commercial offthe-shelf”...


Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption

Google Workspace Client-side encryption (coming soon to beta) gives enterprises the ability to encrypt their data before sending it to Google’s servers. Client-side encryption...


Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), through a server that acts as a certificate authority (CA), manages certificates distributed to users, devices, and...

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