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Modern Credit Card Processing: CSU Brazil and Futurex


Modern Credit Card Processing: CSU Brazil and Futurex

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In September of 2021, CSU Brazil reached out to Futurex in search of a solution to support their new credit card processing infrastructure on the cloud. In Futurex's VirtuCrypt solution they found their ideal match. Within five months, a new financial cloud core infrastructure was implemented, tested, and certified for production.

The Challenge

With tailor-made financial services becoming more popular, institutions are finding this robust and substantial revenue stream more accessible through cloud architectures. These cloud architectures integrate with platforms like AWS but are tailored specifically to your organization. They offer an OpEx payment model and infinite scalability as your enterprise grows.

In CSU's case, Futurex were asked to implement one of the largest cloud payment issuing systems in South America. CSU Brazil had three environments to be considered: two for production and one for testing. All three environments were to be based around a cloud payment core. In addition to this, the infrastructure would need to integrate with AWS and anticipate the potential growth of one of the pioneers of banking-as-a-service.

Designing and integrating these systems swiftly and with ease is what Futurex has perfected in over 40 years of business. Combined with CSU's organizational strength and commitment to excellence, we were confident that we would achieve our mission.

The Solution

When CSU first reached out to Futurex, they were interested in a new, cloud-based solution to complement their legacy HSM architecture. Having worked with the largest Tier 1 enterprises in the world, Futurex readily took on the challenge.

CSU were able to sign up for their payment HSMs through AWS Marketplace where they can now also manage all their invoicing. By choosing to create a cloud native financial offering CSU lowered their CapEx and streamlined their HSM management.

Cloud deployment also looks to the future. With their new cloud infrastructure, CSU can continue to scale as one of the largest organizations in the world to offer banking as a service. Using Futurex's VirtuCrypt and AWS Marketplace they can spin up HSMs on demand to increase production capacity as and when it's needed.

The Result

CSU is now set to grow exponentially as one of the largest organizations in the world offering banking as a service. "CSU has been one of my favorite Futurex customers to work with" says Santos Campa, Regional VP of Enterprise Sales, LAC, "their organizational astuteness and forethought of growth led to a swift implementation and surely positions them as leaders in the industry."

CSU I is now positioned to set the industry tone and will not need to worry about their HSM architecture for the foreseeable future.

About CSU

Established in 7992, CSU is a Brazilian leading provider of high technology services focused on consumption, customer relations, electronic transaction processing, with complete solutions for credit card and electronic payment programs, tailor-made loyalty e-commerce, sales, billing, credit, and contact center solutions.

In more than 29 years of history the Company created an unprecedented and innovative model of operation, with technological solutions that integrate and connect banks, financial institutions, retailers, service companies, and customers throughout Brazil, enabling continuous access to new markets and pioneering launch of products and solutions, besides the flexibility of service customization.

Visit the CSU Brazil website to learn more: httos://

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