2017 Visa Payment Security Symposium
Aug 22 2017

2017 Visa Payment Security Symposium

Burlingame, California

"This two-day event will connect over 300+ industry experts across acquiring, merchant, processing and service provider verticals to discuss today’s changing payments risk landscape and ideas for evolving security. This years’ theme, The Future is Digital, will help guide our discussions on balancing fast-paced innovation with securing the payments ecosystem." 

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Jul 15 2021

“Encryption Is Easy, Key Management Is… Also Easy?”

Deploying a robust cryptographic key management infrastructure is widely regarded as a difficult challenge with complexities that can stump even experienced technical architects. But is this actually the case in reality? Not necessarily.

This session dispels common myths around key management and details a range of best practices built over many years in the “crypto trenches.” In particular, the session focuses on how cryptographic module developers can design for easy integration, how end-users can architect their ecosystem to make key management less challenging, how application developers can natively integrate FIPS-validated key management into their own products, and how consultants, labs, and industry thought leaders can maintain a forward-looking stance on the needs of their constituencies.

With topics ranging from “Help! I manage keys on an Excel spreadsheet. Where do I start?” to “as a crypto module developer, how do I position my own products for easy integration“, to “how do I decide whether my application should use PKCS #11, Java, KMIP, or something else entirely to interface with HSMs?” and more, this session will cover a broad set of topics with cross-industry applications.

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