A centralized management server is a standards-compliant device that allows for a network of multiple cryptographic products, such as hardware security modules or key management servers, to be monitored, configured, and managed from one central location. Find out more about our centralized and remote access solutions below.


Compliantly and securely load keys and perform device configuration from anywhere in the world

  • Easily manage your worldwide data encryption presence from a single location
  • Capable of configuring multiple devices
  • Eliminates the manual process of transferring key components
  • Provides detailed audit records
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated


Simplify your system from one location with monitoring, alerting, load balancing, data replication, and more

  • Centralized management for Futurex devices
  • User-defined grouping system
  • Easy-to-understand, user-friendly operation
  • Customized notifications and alerting options available
  • Intelligent load distribution and automated failover